What is a Starseed?

A person from another planet who is in earth to contribute as a lightworker

Are you a Starseed?

Discover through our articles if you belong to the starseeds, in addition to understanding the specific place where you come from.

Also, find tips for starseeds to have a fuller and good experience on earth.

Courses: Activate your Starseed powers

Once you have understood your origin and the reason for being on earth, here you will find content to empower yourself and activate all the potential that you already have and use your gifts and abilities in the service of humanity.

Connect with your stellar ancestors

This is the last step in your Starseed journey on earth. Here we will rescue all the wisdom that ancient civilizations such as Atlantis and Mu have left to humanity.

Here we will study the philosophy of the Andean natives and we will connect with etheric cities and intraterrestrial and extraterrestrial beings that are located in the Andes mountains to acquire their wisdom, so it can be our guide on earth and our access passport to other dimensions.

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Guided meditation to find your Starseed origin

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Clairvoyance meditation for remote viewing alien civilizations and communicate with extraterrestrials

Scholars of the UFO phenomenon and conspiracy-lovers believe that there is an undeniable link between the Ancient Egyptian Empire and aliens. We can point out some reasons why this strange relationship is established.

Pyramids: The construction of the colossal Egyptian pyramids continues to pose many questions for science. This fact is enough for many people to believe that the buildings were erected with the help of extraterrestrial technology.

Mysteries: Some hieroglyphs show figures that could be interpreted as flying vehicles. On the other hand, the Tulli Papyrus is an apocryphal document that describes the appearance of flying saucers during the rule of Pharaoh Thutmose III.

Sir William Petrie: There are those who argue that the English archaeologist Sir William Petrie kept in his private collection mummies of alien origin. Some even believe that these pieces currently rest in a secret chamber of the Rockefeller Museum in Jerusalem.

It is evident that throughout our trajectory as human beings, we have been accompanied by our ancestors or ancestral aliens, the same ones who donated their genetic load so that humanity could become aware and evolve.

These beings have left us many messages throughout civilizations and through the cultural heritage and their architectural legacy by the different places of power on the planet, they left us the bases to take a conscience leap of consciousness as a species, to activate our Cosmic DNA and free ourselves from the matrix.

The temples for the Egyptians met very specific conditions to express certain aspects of the human being. They represent the body of the human being, and the gods of the respective temple represent the soul and each one has a key, a code to activate in us the ancestral memory that has to do with that temple and that god.

Each temple is a part, an expression of the incarnated man on the planet.

When we come into contact with those intelligences and with those divine beings, when we come into resonance with these frequencies of the global psyche that is latent in us, then an internal code is activated, through our unconscious where that memory is, then we will incorporate the same qualities and the same gifts of that primary god who represents the temple.

In Abu Simbel, there are two temples: that of Ramses II and that of his wife Nefertari. It represents the duality, earthly life, located in the Naser Lake that for Egyptians is the cradle of life.

It also represents the god Khepri, the scarab, who is the energy of change and internal transformation.

It vibrates with the chakra of earthly life and survival. It helps us connect with the energy of change, rebirth, lose fear of change, connect with new situations, understand that our actions lead to other actions. The more we are in tune with our true purpose, the more prepared we will be with the changes and the cycles and the more we will feel that our life flows without difficulty.

The purpose of this meditation is to make contact with UFOs telepathically, this is a specific meditation to communicate with extraterrestrials, activating the pineal gland and developing remote viewing. This is a clairvoyance meditation for remote viewing alien civilizations.

How to make Alien Contact through meditation?

The Egyptian pyramids, Stonehenge, Teotihuacan, Machu Picchu are strange structures to us, but they are full of secret messages that humanity can get just when reaching enough high consciousness to understand.

These structures are mysteries for us and even nowadays it is difficult to reproduce such wonderful buildings, even with all our technology.

It is evident that the ancient civilizations were very advanced and with a cosmovision that is difficult for us to understand such as the remote viewing alien civilizations. In many of the walls of their buildings, there are mentions of positive gods that were with humanity since the beginning, passing us their knowledge. And we also find mentions of negative gods who attempted to destroy the planet and the human race a ton of times. Just take a look at the stories of Krishna to understand the epical fights between positive and negative gods.

We realized that those gods are actually what we know today as aliens.

The good extraterrestrial races attempted to help us to get freedom from the matrix through a secret code they left us and that is latent in our DNA.

As in the bible, the Sumerian tablets and other sacred texts of many religions, the creationist gods passed humans for many prototypes, creating and re-creating us many times, until we reach a point of “perfection”.

Why the previous human prototypes were not good enough for those gods?

Were they trying to manipulate us somehow, reducing our DNA capacities?

What if there was a previous prototype that was free of fears and totally independent from the manipulating gods?

By activating the secret DNA codes that the positive alien races left us, we can remember our starseed origin and be free again.

This is our cosmovision of life and we seek mindfulness and meditative state, be connected with our positive extraterrestrial ancestors, decipher human enigmas, demystify and clear out the conspiracy theories and activate our starseed DNA.

Ancestry DNA Activation Code

This section is about the different races, types, canis minoris, how to remember our origin, physical symptoms, light body activation symptoms, starseed traits, kundalini awakening & DNA activation, activation codes, awakening stages, crystalline DNA symptoms, starseed meditation and have an understanding of the special needs that a starseed has in the earth, attempting to create a community that promotes the so necessary strengthen that all we need to keep going in this planet.

To show the Egyptian ancestors

Alien consciousness

As we mentioned, get in connection with our ancestors, the positive extraterrestrial races or light beings aliens is important for us.

Every time we see several contacted people from aliens. 

Some people tell accurate information about it and some are more sensationalists.

For example, we have the case of the UFO Kaokala, a foundation in Khao Kala mountain in Nakhon Sawan province, Thailand.

They say they are contacted and by aliens from Pluto and allege that extraterrestrials bring messages to help them save humanity in the event of an impending nuclear disaster, which they say is likely to happen in 2022.

They also say there are only 5,000 “chosen ones” for extraterrestrial contact. The UFO Kaokala believe that by meditating in Buddhist principles they are more often contacted.

to show how is an alien contact

But why only 5,000 “chosen ones”? 

Does this knowledge has to be so elitist? 

What if we don’t live in Thailand and are not members of the UFO Kaokala?

We strongly believe this knowledge is open for everyone who really wants to get it, not for the intuit of feeding the ego, but with the real self-improvement intuit.

Then, how to connect with aliens and how to channel them?

There are some methods for making contact with UFOs telepathically.

One method that can be used to make contact with extraterrestrials is developing remote viewing. This is a long way practice to get enough clairvoyance or psychic ability, but everyone has this ability.

Another method is through meditation because the practitioner becomes more aware of him-herself and is abler to perceive energies and signals. 

Also through a shamanic consciousness expansion experience, because the practitioner realizes that everything is interlinked and no longer feels the separation between him-her and every being present in the universe, getting higher consciousness.

So we can say: telepathic communication with aliens is my specialty.

We hope the efforts to share this knowledge with our cosmic family helps.

Feel free to contact us if you have any query or let us a comment in the blog, we will be delighted to get back to you!

3 Steps to activate your Starseed DNA powers
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3 Steps to activate your Starseed DNA powers
3 Steps to activate your Starseed DNA powers: 1 - Find your Starseed origin performing our free guided meditation 2 - Activate your healing powers to heal yourself and people around you 3 - Re-connect with stellar ancient ancestors to continue their mission on earth
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