Reasons why Starseeds suffer on Earth

to show that starseeds miss their planet of origin

Starseeds are those souls that passed through another solar system or another place in the Universe before their first incarnation in the earth. Their personality will be determined according to the place in which they were incarnated for the first time. How to remember your Starseed origin?

There are many Starseed origin tests where you can answer yes or not to generic questions, but we consider this method very imprecise due to the generic questions these tests use.

The method we recommend is to first, get a general knowledge about all and every one of the Starseed races and after that, perform a guided meditation, so it can be your own intuition who tells your real started origin.

If you want to find our recommended method, please visit our article: How to remember your Starseed origin?

Because of bringing many characteristics of their first and most relevant incarnation, starseeds usually feel isolated on earth. They feel they live in a foreign world and that causes a lot of pain and suffering.

Special needs that a starseed has in the earth

If you are a starseed and have suffered, these are some of the reasons:

  1. You are deeply obligated to live a complete and authentic life.
  2. You have had unexplained spiritual or etheric experiences in your life.
  3. You are devastated by the amount of darkness that exists in the world.
  4. You feel that you are in this world to help create a new one.
  5. Since you are a child you have different interests than other people.
  6. You have a unique way to express yourself differently than society have.
  7. Even if there are people surrounding you, you feel alone.
  8. Deep in yourself, you feel you miss a place (your original place).
  9. You feel great curiosity for space researches and you cannot avoid looking at the stars every night.
  10. You are existential, you have questions about life that other people do not have.

Here we share with you more explanations about the reasons and at the end of the article we have an invite for you to be part of the Facebook group of our Starseeds family:

• You cannot explain why, but you know that you are not from this world. Since you were young you have felt that you were simply different from other people, and you know that you are not made to try to fit with them.

• You have had what can be called a difficult, or at least challenging life.

• You are deeply intrigued by spirituality and firmly believe that everything is energy, also our being and our body.

• You have experienced rapid personal growth in the course of your life. Whether you’re a young or old soul, you still have a lot of wisdom and knowledge to share, even if you can’t explain where you got it.

• You are naturally creative and artistic.

• You are a very sensitive person. You respond more strongly to your emotions than it seems that other people do.

• You feel more deeply motivated by the idea that you are here to help other people in some way.

• You feel great frustration and helplessness. You are devastated by the amount of darkness that exists in the world, and if you could, your personal mission would be to save every person, animal or part of nature that is in trouble.

• You are deeply obligated to live a complete and authentic life. You have no interest in following other people’s norms, traditions or ideas about how things should be.

• You intuitively know that you have healing, starseed abilities and psychic gifts and abilities, although it may cost you to develop them or remember how to do it, but internally you are aware that you can clearly know, see or feel things that other people cannot or do not want.

• You feel very connected to nature, but you are intrigued by the Universe as a whole. You want to know what else exists out there, and it is hard for you to believe that we are completely alone.

• You have always felt like a stranger as if this planet was not your true home, but a place that you have been entrusted to visit for a while.

• Failure to fit or not feel in your place caused you many conflicts to grow because you wanted to fit and feel at peace. But now you understand that this was part of your emotional and mental growth process.

• You feel compelled to do what you know is right and fair, at all times. What is consistent for you.

• You have a unique sense of style. If you are not eccentric, at least you are very attracted to having hairstyles or pieces of clothing that are specifically and clearly “you.”

• Despite the openness of heart and mind that you are, you are not a totally free spirit. Sometimes you need some kind of structure and security to function well in life. Although the one established by the system does not serve you, but one that is in harmony with nature.

lonely starseed

• You have had unexplained spiritual or etheric experiences in your life, in which you have witnessed things of other dimensions to which most people are completely closed.

• Before incarnating, memory is completely erased so that people do not remember where they come from or where they are going. However, you retain some of that memory and sometimes memories come to you of what your real home was like or what your previous lives were like.

• You have had many problems with your friends during your childhood, but when you have found some close ones with whom you have really found real affinity, other starseeds have become your chosen family.

• You know that you are destined to find your soulmate or flame mate, if you have not already done so.

• When you start writing, painting, singing, dancing or doing any other form of creative expression, you feel almost as if a force beyond yourself will take hold of you and create through you. This is called channeling, and you do it often.

• You are existential by nature. You can’t even look out the car window without wondering why we are here and what all this means.

• You accept to be misunderstood. At some point in your life, you began to realize that your differences were really your strengths and that trying to be like other people would be counterproductive and incoherent. So you try to be more and more yourself.

• You are very skeptical of the main institutions on Earth: government, education, religion, health, etc.

• Deep down you know that you are not originally part of this world … and you are here to help create a new one.

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Reasons why Starseeds suffer on earth
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Reasons why Starseeds suffer on earth
Starseeds often experience unique challenges on Earth. First, the sense of not fully belonging can lead to feelings of isolation and longing for home. Second, their heightened sensitivity can make them more susceptible to negative energies and emotions. Third, their advanced knowledge and spiritual gifts may clash with societal norms, causing frustration. Lastly, the intense mission to uplift humanity can be overwhelming. However, remember that these challenges hold growth opportunities. Seek support from fellow Starseeds, practice self-care, and align with your higher purpose to navigate the earthly journey with resilience and fulfillment.
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