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This is our complete 7-course package:

  • Reiki Usui I, II and Mastery
  • The Alien Codes: Activate your Starseed DNA
  • Shamanic Inca Reiki
  • The 10 Shamanic Totems
  • Mystic Egyptian Initiation
  • Shamanic Initiation: Consciousness Expansion
  • Holistic therapy Online consulting room

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The package includes:

  • 10 Certificates
  • International Professional Card
  • 43 Chapters
  • 106 videos
  • 3 eBooks
  • 15 PDFs
  • 3 Quizzes
  • 2 Articles
  • VIP Group

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Reiki Usui I, II and Mastery

You will become a Reiki therapist at the three levels I, II and Master, and can also teach this knowledge to your future disciples.
The student will learn how sacred geometry works, as well as perform magic with crystals and be able to apply remote Reiki.
You will know the patients’ Chakras and energy system, as well as be able to remove chips and implants from people’s energy fields, whether they are terrestrial or extraterrestrial.
You will learn about Master Mikao Usui’s original meditation and his true Samurai legacy.

3 Certificates
4 Chapters
14 videos
1 eBook
3 Quizes
1 Article

The Alien Codes: Activate your Starseed DNA

You will learn the techniques to get in touch with your starseed DNA through the energetic centers of your body.
There will be guided activation meditations at 432hz that help you to activate the starseed DNA.
You will also have an introduction to ufology to understand about the dynamics of extraterrestrials and to know psychic self-defense to protect yourself from negative alien races, as well as you can perform the removal of extraterrestrial implants.

1 Certificate
14 Chapters
40 videos
1 eBook
12 PDFs
1 Article

Shamanic Inca Reiki

The student will become a Reiki therapist in the shamanic modality.
In this course, we will have an immersion in the ancestral spirituality of the Inca Indians. We will teach the use of the 4 elements of nature, as well as the energetic extraction of magical plants.
We will have meditative practices to expand our consciousness and deepen our knowledge of the sacred geometry of Chakana, the sacred symbol of the Incas.
We will have samples of reiki application with crystals for the healing of Chakras and the energy system of the patients.

1 Certificate
6 Chapters
8 videos
1 eBook

The 10 Shamanic Totems

You will learn what shamanic totems of power are, how to apply their protective and healing powers in your daily live and how to discover your 10 totems of power.
We will have an introduction to the Toltec shamanism practiced by the Mexican Indians. Within Toltecayolt’s teachings, we will learn and discover our central animal of power, as well as our Tonal animal of power and our Nahual animal of power.
In addition to these practices, we will learn and discover our animals of power and healing responsible for the 7 main chakras.

1 Certificate
4 Chapters
14 videos

Mystic Egiptian Initiation

Through guided connecting meditations at 432hz, you will unlock the secret codes of the 7 Egyptian Temples.
You will learn to mentally project yourself, through the activation of the third eye, to the places of power in Egypt.
In addition to unraveling the mysteries of ancient Egypt and following the same path as the ancient initiates, you will have the connection with healing and the expansion of consciousness that these places of power possess.

1 Certificate
3 Chapters
10 videos

Shamanic Initiation: Consciousness Expansion

You will have an introduction-initiation into the deep world of shamanism.
We will have an immersion in the different shamanic wisdoms, such as the Mayan, the Toltec, the Inca, the Hopi, among others.
We will unravel the mysteries and spirituality of each ancestral culture and learn about the use of the elements of nature and their respective elementals.
We will learn about the timing based on the Mayan calendar and on the galactic Kin signatures that each human being has to know our purpose on this earth and in this incarnation.
You will also understand the meaning of the sacred pipe and at the end of the course, you will discover your main animal of power.

1 Certificate
7 Chapters
11 videos

Holistic therapy Online consulting room

Practical course to set up your own online holistic therapy practice with free tools:
Google my business: Find out how you can be found on Google search and how to get a free website.
Canva & Pixabay: Learn how to create professional images for your website and social networks and promote your products and services.
Calendly: Learn the newest booking system, so your customers can book your therapy sessions in a professional manner.
Guidelines on holistic therapies: Learn how to offer your products or services in compliance with the different legal guidelines.

1 Certificate
5 Chapters
9 videos

Who are these courses for?

  • Holistic therapists who want to improve their techniques.
  • Students and people in general who wish to become holistic therapists.

Course requirements

  • These courses are not influenced by any theosophical or new age schools. We are free thinkers, so it is important that the student is open-minded.
  • We recommend having basic knowledge about chakras, aura and energetic definitions.
  • For the Online Consultancy course, the student must have a computer or notebook and have basic knowledge of the use.
  • The tutor is not a native english speaker, we appreciate your patience

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