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The real Usui sensei Reiki

According to Masaki Nishina, Jikiden Reiki Master, Ph.D in physics and UK ITEC aromathearapist, there are many differences between Western Reiki and Japanese Reiki.

The war in Japan influenced the traditional Usui Sensei Reiki, it was spread to the US and it becomes a westernized practice.

In his book Reiki and Japan: A Cultural View of Western and Japanese Reiki, Nishina has explained the reason why the westernized Reiki is not the traditional Reiki Usui, he tells us that the Dai Ko Myo symbol didn’t exist in the Japanese Reiki both technically and culturally. 

In this theoretical course, we follow important Reiki Masters references to approach the technique as near as possible to the traditional Reiki.

Understanding that this practice has a strong base on Qi Qong, the Chinese practice that works with the physical body energy.

The chakras are an Indian practice not Japanese or Chinese practice that was later added to the westernized Reiki. Also, the Dai Ko Myo and the attunements where the Reiki symbols are implanted to the student’s chakras are a later addition.

Join our Reiki course where we demystify the myths that people have built over this technique. 

This is a Reiki without myths and secrets!

Demystifying Reiki


Written by Víctor Fernández Casanova on Tuesday, February 3, 2015.

Reiki is a technique that has acquired unthinkable dimensions in comparison with other therapies or similar methods of personal growth. I say that Reiki has a coke effect; Because it has reached everyone. Nevertheless, Reiki, as taught in the western world, even by Japanese masters who learn from western masters, is totally polluted and full of fallacies that transformed a pure and healthy art into a trap full of wrong teachings that can only confuse people and take them for a path that leads nowhere.

Reiki is said to be cosmic, universal, spiritual energy. Some say that it is the energy of love. However, anyone who has a minimum experience in working with energy knows that it is not. The worst of all is that practically nobody knows how to define what is cosmic energy, nor universal, neither spiritual nor much less what is the energy of love. For that, we have to study Chinese medicine, Taoism, bioenergetics or any similar teaching that deepen the subject and we will quickly discover that Reiki It has nothing to do with the previous definitions. 

It is very important to know what type of fuel we will use in the practice, because the results are very different: if we use cosmic/universal energy, which is Yang nature, we will get a result, but if we apply another type of energy, for example, energy from Earth, which is of the Yin nature, we will have another.

But it turns out that Reiki is not an energy that is part of the duality. Therefore, it is not a cosmic energy, nor universal, nor spiritual, because these energies are part of the duality. For us, the word Reiki means directly Void Energy, a pure energy that has no duality, 100% Light. In quantum physics, the existence of this energy, which is the creative energy of everything that exists has even been empirically proven. Also the texts of Zen Buddhism, which served as a study for Usui Sensei (creator of Reiki), mention constantly the concept of the Void, which leaves aside the doubt that this is the correct definition of Reiki. The verb for Christians, contained in the field of quantum vacuum or zero point.

This energy is part of our essence, therefore, we are already Reiki. This is important since it radically dismantles the enslaving theory that, to practice Reiki, we need to receive an adjustment, initiation, alignment, attunement, since as they say, open the channel, It is not entirely true.

Our research and experience have shown us that we are already Reiki, so we don’t need to be tuned in or connected to an energy that is already part of us. Much less, open any channel that connects us to anything. I understand that this takes away the power of the masters, they just thought that Reiki consists of receiving an attunement and little else, when it is actually the least important method because it emphasizes the need for a constant training to purify the body and mind.

An attunement is important from the point of view of Tradition, as well as an excellent protocol to make a real attunement of the energy structure of the person who receives it, but it is very clear that it should not connect it to anything, or open no channel in the practitioner and that, for many tunings that we receive, without a patient, constant and methodical training, we will not achieve the objectives.

Ryoho means the natural healing method, Reiki means vacuum energy (or in other schools: cosmic, universal, spiritual energy). Then to define what we do, the correct thing is to say: REIKI RYOHO. Just saying Reiki is simply naming a type of energy. We need to consider RYOHO, to know what we are doing with that energy. So, Reiki Ryoho means a natural healing method with vacuum energy.

Well, with the above, we understand that Reiki is part of everything, it is an energy that has no duality and that we do not need to be connected to it, because it is already part of us. Therefore, we do not channel it, but we transmit it. Channeling involves letting an external energy pass through our body, an energy that is not part of us, that is radically opposed to Reiki concept. What we need is to receive the appropriate teachings and instructions to learn how to do it and train it throughout our lives. This implies much more work for the master, than not only offer tunings, surrounded by mystery and circus. The masters must teach Reiki Ryoho’s practices and lead with their own example.

Another controversial issue, which in the European Federation of Professional Reiki we investigate and resolve according to our convictions, is that of the Reiki symbols. We do not use them directly and we advise against using them, although we teach absolutely everything about them, so that students and federated masters know from experience all the secrets about the Symbols. We consider that its use is not necessary. Most Reiki symbols are completely contaminated and their use is counterproductive for the evolution of the practitioner.

In general, symbols are only entities created artificially by the mental-emotional energy of its creators. These entities feed on the energy of the people who use them, of those people who are tuned into their auras with these parasites that absorb their energy, in return of an apparent benefit, like a drug that gives pleasure, but really kills slowly.

This happens not only with the Reiki symbols, but with any other entity, as religious symbols, initiations to Buddha X, or the same baptism of Christians, who connect the energy structure to an entity that feeds of the implanted, so the devotee delivers his energy in their prayers, in their devotion. Really terrible, even heartbreaking, they made us slaves, ignorant and submissive, while sucking our energy as if we were, dairy cows.

It is time to free ourselves from the bonds, implants and energies that not only prevent us to lift and heal, but also anchor us in duality and prevent us move forward, submitting and sinking, making us believe otherwise, so we can’t free ourselves.

Other fables of Reiki are the 21 days of healing that must be done after receiving the tuning, as well as the supposed contacts with angels or extracorporeal beings, guides and extraterrestrials that occur when practicing Reiki, see the auras and the chakras. They are part of a myriad of limiting, absurd theories and falsity that gave Reiki a bad image, which has nothing to do with the true Reiki, born in Japan in 1922, driving away people who believe in a healthy and happy life and looking for a Reiki without circuses, robes or tambourines.

Reiki is much simpler than all that. So simple, so effective, it’s hard to accept it. And not because it’s simple, it’s easy to learn, on the contrary, Reiki requires surrendering to the Reiki path forever, to the constant practice of the vacuum.

I am fully aware of the controversy of these words, with which I don’t want to convince anyone, because I respect all options and beliefs, but this is our opinion and here we show the focus of our school of Reiki and how we work at the FERP (European Federation of Professional Reiki).

If you want to have further knowledge and the practical experience of the Reiki Ryoho, please join our course: Reiki Ryoho I, II and Mastery Certification:

Demystifying Reiki
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Demystifying Reiki
It turns out that Reiki is not an energy that is part of the duality. Therefore, it is not a cosmic energy, nor universal, nor spiritual, because these energies are part of the duality. For us, the word Reiki means directly Void Energy, a pure energy that has no duality, 100% Light
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