How to remember your Starseed origin?

to show how is it to remember our origin

Knowing where our Essence was born (on Earth or in outer space) can be very clear to understand what nature moves us and what we have come here to do.

Starseeds is called those souls that before their first incarnation on our planet, when they soulsplit, passed first through another solar system or another place in the “universe.” Regardless of the Soul family, Starseeds may have incarnated for the first time in one place or another, and that will determine their personality.

There are specially evolved Souls who have incarnated in more than one place and who spent enough time there to have influenced their way of being, such as when we emigrated to another place with an idiosyncrasy very different from ours, but with Time we integrate and we also make part of its characteristics.

The first will be the place where the Starseed Soul split from the Higher Self and where the Starseed decided to incarnate for the first time, so it will be the one that most conditions that person. If, when consulting our Akashic Record or when making a guided meditation to find the origin, more than one comes out, the rest will be conditions of your personality, abilities, and mission, but not as strong as the first. The more planets the older the soul, the more reincarnations it has been evolving.

All Starseed types: how many starseed types are there?

Have you ever felt like you don’t quite belong on this planet? Perhaps you’ve experienced an unexplainable longing for distant galaxies or a sense of purpose that surpasses the ordinary. If you resonate with these feelings, you might be a starseed. In this article, we’ll explore the fascinating concept of starseeds and delve into the different types that exist. Get ready to embark on a cosmic journey of self-discovery!

Are you an advanced soul living in human form on earth?

You possess an unexplainable wisdom and deep understanding of life’s complexities. Your intuition is remarkably strong, guiding you on your path. You have an innate desire to bring positive change to the world and help others awaken. You feel a deep connection to the cosmos, often gazing at the stars with a sense of longing. Embrace your unique energy and let your light shine as you navigate this earthly journey as a remarkable starseed. Follow next the signs that you are an advanced soul living in human form on earth.

Starseed signs and markings: Major Signs Your Soul is from a Distant Planet

Profound Sense of Not Belonging: As a potential starseed, you may feel like an outsider, disconnected from the conventional norms and values of society. You possess an inner knowing that there is something more to your existence.

Intense Fascination with the Stars and Space: Starseeds often have a deep affinity for the cosmos. You might find yourself spending countless hours gazing at the night sky, feeling an indescribable connection to the stars.

Heightened Empathy and Sensitivity: Starseeds possess an innate ability to sense and understand the emotions of others. You may find yourself naturally drawn to healing professions or endeavors that involve assisting and uplifting others.

Unquenchable Thirst for Knowledge and Truth: Starseeds have an insatiable curiosity about the mysteries of the universe. You constantly seek wisdom, often questioning societal norms and seeking alternative perspectives.

Prophetic or Vivid Dreams: Starseeds frequently experience vivid dreams that reveal hidden truths or provide glimpses into other realms. Your dreams may be filled with symbolism, messages, or encounters with extraterrestrial beings.

Exploring the Starseed Types

Now that we’ve established some common signs, let’s explore the different types of starseeds that exist. It’s important to note that starseeds can embody qualities from multiple types, and you may resonate with more than one:

Pleiadian Starseeds
Sirian Starseeds
Arcturian Starseeds
Andromedan Starseeds
Orion Starseeds
Lyran Starseeds
Cassiopeian Starseeds
Alpha Centauri Starseeds
Vega Starseeds
Procyon Starseeds
Antares Starseeds
Zeta Reticuli Starseeds
Alpha Draconian Starseeds
Tau Ceti Starseeds
Mintakan Starseeds
Pleiadian-Arcturian Hybrid Starseeds
Andromeda-Pleiades Hybrid Starseeds
Hybrid Starseeds (Combination of various starseed origins)

Each starseed type has its unique characteristics, energy, and mission on Earth. Remember, this list is not exhaustive, and there may be other starseed types not mentioned here. Embrace your cosmic heritage and explore the depths of your soul’s origin!

Starseed confirmation

Embrace your inner light, for it shines brightly within you. The main sign that you are a starseed lies in the depths of your soul, where a profound sense of not belonging intertwines with an insatiable curiosity for the mysteries of the universe. Feel the cosmic energy pulsating through your veins, guiding you towards a greater purpose. Embrace your unique perspective, for it is through your extraordinary qualities that you illuminate the world. Embrace your starseed nature and let your light guide you to unparalleled heights.

Guided meditation to find your Starseed origin

There are many Starseed origin tests where you can answer yes or not to generic questions, but we consider this method or the Starseed origin reading method very imprecise due to the generic questions these tests use.

The method we recommend is to first, get a general knowledge about all and every one of the Starseed races and after that, perform our guided meditation, so it can be your own intuition who tells your real started origin.


planet earth


Earthlings are not starseeds because they do not come from other stars. They are young and less experienced souls, because they have only incarnated on Earth. They are spiritually simple, so they have a very physical and material perspective on life.

They have their feet on the ground and are very practical. They have a great love for their planet and that leads them to investigate about gems and crystal therapy, shamanism or ecology if they are awake, and if not, they are materialistic and with little spiritual ambition.



Mintaka or Artuvia is one of the stars that make up the Orion belt and is also known as Delta Orionis. They were among the first groups of souls to come to our planet to assist in its evolution. Originally this star was a place of deep clear waters where the war did not exist, for this reason, the Mintakans have a strong connection with the water (or they adore or hate it, they do not support the deep dark waters) and they have a very strong longing for their origin, that’s why they are very homely and like to work from home. They can have many hobbies and try many different things without an apparent relationship, which only makes sense to them.

People whose origin is Mintaka have an extraordinary talent: they are able to see the light in everyone, however little it exists, that is, they only see the good part of the people. Although someone is really 99% negative, the Mintakans will still say that the person is 1% positive. And their tendency is to assist and help their neighbor as much as possible, sometimes so much that they forget themselves and end up exhausted.

They can also easily find themselves in situations where people take advantage of their willingness to serve unconditionally. Or in those who, as their dream is to help show and develop the potential of their peers without condition, the other people does not want their advice because those people are not in a vibration of personal development. Orions can feel overwhelmed because people does not let them make their own way. In those situations you understand that everyone has their own pace of evolution and can not make anyone run, because they will encounter strong resistance.

They are also people who never tire of giving opportunities to others, because they always expect the best from others, and that same way of being, always makes them willing to assist humanity, which, after all, is for that they have come to this planet. Normally they are quite spiritual people who live a lot in connection with the universal energies of the high consciousness. Few mintakans like to watch the news with all the problems that exist on the planet, it seems incredible that there is so much negativity on Earth.


Another fairly common group are the Polarians, coming from the Polar Star. This group of souls brings the gift and energy of loyalty to our planet, and part of their mission is to create a feeling of unity and harmony wherever they are involved.

In general, Polarians are the people who keep the groups together, loyal to friends, jobs, people for years, even when it is no longer convenient for them or they need to change to evolve.

They represent unity, cooperation and community as opposed to the duality in which we live on this planet, and are the “glue” that holds the groups together. They also have the need to be involved in everything that concerns their loved ones, which is not always positive, but they need to be included in all the small and big decisions of their close ones.

Polarians must learn that the most important loyalty is that they owe to themselves. Many times they get stuck in situations where they need help to get out, sometimes because they made commitments that are difficult to disconnect, even if it doesn’t benefit them at all. They can become quite rigid and radical in their thinking (white or black). They are usually quite earthy and that can lead to being overweight. This link with the earth leads them to physically suffer when there is seismic movements or natural disasters and leave them upset for a few days.



The third group that is most commonly known with souls whose origin is in the Pleiades, a “brother” system of the solar system because it is said that our Sun gravitates as if it were one more planet around the central nucleus of the constellation of the Pleiades.

Basically the mission that this group of souls when incarnated on Earth is “change” and evolution. They are people who are in constant motion and get down to work. It has a great overview of things, leaving aside the details, they plan in a big way, and the intermediate steps do not matter, if shortcuts can be found to reach the end, why not use them?.

The “Pleiadians” are often great leaders, because they know how to communicate their great visions well to others, and that is what they are here for often, to help us see things from a broader perspective and increase our field of vision of things. They are not afraid of change and are the great visionaries of the change that our planet is living.

As they love to communicate, they are usually interdimensional information channels and a lot of information can be channeled from them too. They are always expressing their opinions and thoughts, and if they don’t, they are blocking. Then they find themselves in many communicative conflicts because not everyone is prepared to hear them.



Procyon (Alpha Canis Minoris / Antecanis) is the brightest star in the constellation of Can Minor and the eighth brightest star in the night sky. Within the group of starseeds, information about people presenting this system as a place of origin is somewhat scarce. They have the characteristic of using the Sun’s energy as a source of nutrition and energy (that is, on some level, they know how to nourish themselves much more than the rest of the potential that solar energy presents).

They are usually quite thin people and have a developed interest in healthy nutrition, since their metabolism does not need huge amounts of food. One of its objectives is to help protect and free the planet from negative influences of other “races”, although without a specific objective, which can make them feel disoriented as to “what they have come to do exactly here.” They are usually quite artistic and are very connected to their body, and use it to connect spiritually by dancing or doing physical exercises.



A little history according to the states of divination of the Hopi Indians, is that when the blue star Kachina appears in the sky, the fifth world can emerge.

They think this is the day of purification. The name that the Hopi gave Sirius is the blue star Kachina. According to the ancient alien theory, the blue star Kachina are aliens.

Those who are Sirius starseeds tend to be very concentrated and very determined. Syrians have a warrior attitude and are closely related to nature, they like to use technology that is friendly to nature.

Syrians have great consideration for honesty and integrity, don’t expect to be your friends too quickly. Like the Hopi Indians, they are closely linked to nature and water.

The sirian starseed abilities are: They are good at expressing themselves with the opposite sex.

They are natural leaders with a warrior attitude.

They do not like new customs, they love their old customs with nature.

They are ideal people with a strong sense of humor, they love to mix.

They love nature and are attached to it.

They don’t like dishonest people and never forgive those who are.



Arcture, Arturo or Arcturus (Alpha Bootis) is the third brightest star in the night sky, after Sirius (in the constellation Canis Majoris) and Canopus (in Carinae). Its constellation is Boötes, «The Boyero».

According to the renowned and deceased psychic Edgar Cayce, they are one of the oldest and most advanced civilizations in the galaxy. Their body is scaly, green, with very large eyes, only 3 fingers on their hands. They have psychic and telepathic powers. Since life began on earth, this civilization has bases on both Earth and the Moon. But they are not here to destroy us, much less, their main objective is to teach us to transcend the material plane through dreams and stellar apparitions.

Starseeds from Arcturus are rare to find recently in incarnations on Earth, and we usually find them more as part of the circles of spiritual guides we all have. They are highly spiritual beings with a very high frequency vibration and their high level of consciousness always leads them towards professions or activities related to metaphysics, healing, energies, etc., and about what they have a lot to teach us all.



Spica is the brightest star in the constellation Virgo. It is a strange soul group to find incarnated on Earth, since there these souls were embodied in bodies of light, and not in a body as dense as ours, third dimensional. So it can take a long time to reincarnate.

They bring the energy of enlightenment, are spiritually very advanced and have already lit up on their planet. Their function is to make it possible in this dimension.

They relate from non-judgment and compassion, can see life with perspective and remain in neutrality. They are dreamers and visionaries. They find it difficult to be practical in daily life and it takes them a long time to realize their goals. Because of their inner calm they can be so detached that they may seem cold, impersonal or dispassionate.

Our passions can overwhelm them. That is why they will need to recharge themselves in nature, alone, far from the mental, emotional and physical noise of this three-dimensional life. They will also be greatly affected by radiation from mobile phones, laptops, televisions, routers, etc., and may need to sleep in places where they are not distracted.



It is the closest star system to the Sun, about 37 billion km. away, so they are like our closest galactic “neighbors”. Considered since ancient times as a single star, the brightest in the constellation of the Centaur, what is observed without the help of a telescope is, in fact, the superposition of two bright stars of a possible system of three.

There is a large number of people on our planet whose origin is marked in this star system. The Akashic Records indicate that one of the reasons why they “decided” to move from one place to another is related not only to the evolution of the soul itself (that the Higher Self decided to initiate a cycle of incarnations on Earth to move forward) but for the desire in addition to serving as “protectors” against, among other things, the incredible number of “Dracos” (see below) that were beginning to reach our planet.

Thus, people with this origin usually have a part of “fighter” against injustices, they are usually very mental (this is always seen), analytical and magnificent problem solvers, talents that on the other hand, make them be somewhat more distanced from their emotions. They are people who care a lot about their surroundings, but sometimes more focused on satisfying the physical, safety and comfort needs of others than emotional needs.

It is not that it is anything bad, that is, the Alpha Centaurs have developed these enormous analytical and problem-solving talents because they need them (we need them) and it is part of their contribution to the planet, of course in their individual lives, they need balance it a little more with work on the subject of emotions and feelings.



Hadar starseeds in the constellation of Beta Centaurs, comes from the star Hadar. They are a paradigm of the “fight” against negativity in their own solar system. The story of the Akashic Records tells us that Hadar was literally invaded (third-dimensionally) by Dracos, due to a very important reason.

They are a group that resonates (vibrates) at a very high frequency related to the energy of love. That is if we are to speak energy that represents “pure love”, it is the energy that marks the “core” of the Hadars.

The reason for this “attack” was to avoid the “expansion” of this energy in this part of our galaxy controlled primarily by “negativity.” Many of the people who have their origin in Beta Centauro are here because they “fled” from that invasion. The Higher Self of that Hadarian incarnation decided not to continue taking physical form in Beta Centaur since the conditions of the place had changed, and it was not possible to experience these high energies after that “invasion”.

The passage to a cycle of incarnations on our planet has to do as always with two things, the desire on the part of that Higher Self to learn on Earth, but also the impossibility of continuing to evolve in Hadar. That is why they are people who can feel a certain sadness and feel somewhat uncomfortable with their role in life, because in a way they were forced to leave their “home”.

In general, as you can imagine, most Hadars are people with a heart that comes out of them, but also something “frustrated” about it because what they are looking for at a more internal level (giving and receiving that pure love), does not exist on our planet as such. It is impossible to reproduce the quality of the energy with which they resonated here in this environment. That “unconditional love” of such high frequency does not exist on our planet, which can also lead them to have problems in the sentimental area.



These beings are the first humans in the galaxy. They come from the constellation Lyra, where they started a society that became very powerful, based on the decisions that the female side of the brain made. For this reason they are considered progressive, since the feminine side is more understanding and respectful. However, they were forced to fight when they were invaded by the Reptilians. As they fled from them, they formed several colonies along several solar systems, creating many descendant species, such as the Pleiadians.

The origin of the Lyrians is not fully known, but it is believed that they come from an earlier civilization called “Paa Tal”, which was the creator of the physical universe. Lyrians can be found on Earth, in human form, or at other higher levels of density.

Vega, its brightest star, is known thanks to the movie “Contact” by Jodie Foste. It is a somewhat more mysterious group of origin, as there are not many people who belong to this group, and the information is somewhat scarcer. Those who have Vega as their origin are usually intuitive, understanding, respectful and wise people who emit a soft external energy and an aspect of strength and capacity. They tend to have knowledge of a wide variety of areas, as well as talents and abilities, and are very creative.

Most people who come from Vega have a strong sense of responsibility, cooperation, group vision, caring for others and care for their immediate surroundings, and often find satisfaction in working with children, those who are sick or in need of attention and support. The problem is that sometimes, however, they may be too responsible for the situation of others, and they may need to remember the importance that everyone should learn their own way.



Mars ceased to be habitable with the explosion of Maldec and that’s why they came to Earth. Martians often want to go unnoticed because they feel out of place, uncomfortable. Their society was very patriarchal and hierarchical, so they don’t have much interest in spiritual matters. They usually have disproportionate physical appearances or bodies with strange shapes.



Maldek was a planet that exploded 49,686 a.c. and now it is our asteroid belt. It was a civilization that had a very warrior, mental and emotional part of its population and its own technology caused them to destroy themselves in the most important war in their history due to the chain explosion of their nuclear bombs.

This mega explosion affected the habitability of the surface of Mars and turned the Earth’s axis. Hence we have 365 days years instead of the original 360.

Another part of its population was very spiritual, and its mission was to achieve the evolution of the planet, but they did not get it, so after losing the planet they decided to continue incarnating in other places where their experience and advice is needed, always dedicated to peace and to the development of the spirit. They are not easily found on Earth and often feel out of place wherever they go, because they drag the feeling of loss of their home, as an intrinsic longing for their origin, without knowing why.

Some, through dreams or revelations, remember that they lived a great war, the pain, frustration and helplessness that caused them the experience of losing everything and the anguish of having to start over. Their lesson in this life is to learn from the losses and know how to deal with drastic changes with the conviction that everything happens for a greater good.



Nihal belongs to the constellation Lepus or the hare and is located below Orion and on the right side of Sirius. The souls that come from there are many of the so-called children or adults indigo or crystal today. They are sensitive and endowed with various “powers” such as telepathy or psychism.

They usually choose Sirian souls as parents in order to be protected and understood. They are rebellious with the physical world and they get a constantly bad feeling to be governed by the external and artificial rules of this planet.

At the beginning of incarnation, some of them had physical and even neurological problems, due to their high vibration, and getting used to this third dimension meant they died young, since their DNA was difficult to adapt. But since 1989 they have already adapted and are the spiritual leaders who will help us in the transit time and accelerated evolution that awaits us.



Those who have an origin in Andromeda seek freedom. They can change jobs, homes or partners in their continuous search. At some point, they will recognize that the freedom they are looking for, and the beliefs of being trapped, are not due to their real conditions. But true freedom comes exclusively from within. It is discovered only by building self-love and inner spiritual being.

When a starseed of Andromeda matures, they recognize it, and act on this knowledge and can be at peace, while it can develop new areas.

Andromedans must understand that they have self-esteem and self-confidence problems. When they overcome it, they get to be of great help in the spiritual path of others and become recognized as instructors and healers. The Andromedans enjoy traveling and experimenting. They love joy, activity and variety. They may feel they want to visit the homes of past lives, wanting to visit certain places or interested in certain areas without realizing why. They can enjoy fast driving or fly on airplanes, as this induces subconscious “home” memory. They are very good withholding their doubts and insecurities inside and offer a very different “face” from the outside world. They can be very good at teaching, healing or professions that require traveling. They are good artists, writers and actors.



The constellation of Draco is visible from the northern hemisphere, and although it is very large, it has no particularly bright stars for us. From here come a group of souls that we call, Drachos or Draconians, among which we have two internal races, clearly differentiated: one is the cause of most problems on our planet at the moment, the other is protective precisely against the former.

Of the dragons we have all heard, since they have existed in all cultures and in all of them they are venerated as sacred animals. Benevolent for the Chinese or Maya traditions, or terrible for the Europeans like Sant Jordi and the dragon, San Miguel and the dragon or Lucifer (the bearer of light).

According to Zecharia Sitchin, one of the most prolific authors on the extraterrestrial origin of Humanity, dragons or reptiles joined humans in Sumeria a few thousand years ago, and hence all current mythology and religion were derived, and all civilizations

People of draconian origin can feel very strong duality since we all descend from this mixture, but they were direct descendants. Then they debate between the protection of the planet and its devastating use. Since the negative Dracos work 100% with energies based on fear, their form of survival is based, when they are incarnated as people, in provoking all kinds of situations that generate emotions related to this frequency: anger, jealousy, depression, chaos, extreme agitation, confusion, etc. Having a Draco in the family or at work can be very harmful since they are only able to survive (on an energy level) thanks to the absorption of negative emotions collected in others. They may not realize it, but it is their way of acting and relating to the environment.

In contrast, positive Dracos are emanators of peace and wisdom, and always seek to protect the planet and its people.


After reading this description of each of the Souls groups, you may have felt more affinity with some than with others. Even someone has touched you inside, like an old resonance of belonging.

It is important that you observe it and do a little meditation to get more details: just take a deep breath and stay blank for a few minutes to see what that resonance wants to tell you, you can still get perceptions of previous lives that take you to the origin of your Soul.

Having this connection and this awareness often gives us relief and a sense of deep belonging to a place other than our current reality, a place that really feels like HOME. And this knowledge can help us flow in this dimension in a more calm and harmonious way. Knowing that we have incarnated here with a mission, which goes beyond our daily struggle with material obstacles.

We created a Facebook group exclusively for Starseeds, so we can build a global community between us. Also, we share free tarot readings to guide Starseeds.

Click here to join it!

Leave me in your comments if you have felt a special affinity with any of the Origins and how it manifests in your life. By sharing it here you can find like-minded people, with the same origin and purpose, and perhaps we can take another step towards the re-evolution of the planet, which is what we have come for!

How to remember your Starseed origin?
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How to remember your Starseed origin?
To remember your Starseed origin, begin by connecting with your inner self through meditation and introspection. Seek signs and synchronicities, explore your dreams, and keep a journal to document any intuitive insights or memories that arise. Engage in activities that resonate with your cosmic nature, such as stargazing, energy healing, or studying ancient civilizations. Connect with like-minded individuals who share similar experiences. Trust your intuition and allow yourself to embrace the cosmic wisdom that lies within you. Remember, your Starseed origin is a journey of self-discovery, unfolding at its own pace.
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