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I will advise you on love, family, employment, friendships, money, and in general. I am transparent in my answers and I also show you the way to improve this particular aspect that you are consulting. ✅

❤️ Discover the depth of everything about your loved one:
🔮 Is he going to look for me?
🔮 Yes / No – When?
🔮 Will he take on a relationship with me?
🔮 Yes / No – What prevents him?
🔮 How does he feel about me?
🔮 What are his intentions?
🔮 Is there another person?
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✨I am a tarot reader, Reiki Master, Shamanic facilitator, Astrologer, as well as I work with Phyto-energy (plant energy) and shamanic rituals to open paths.✨

I am Cancerian♋️ with ascendant in Pisces,♓️, which makes me doubly sensitive!🔮

I work on the Andean Shamanic line. I was born and raised in a city where there are Andean Indians in Colombia and I started shamanism 12 years ago.🦅🌲🐺

I advise with:

✳️ Tarot Rider-Waite
✳️ Tarot Marseille
✳️ Shamanic Oracle
✳️ Power totems Oracle

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✏️ Your name
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✏️ If there is any person involved in the consultation, please also provide name, date of birth, single, married or divorced? and if possible photo.

My opening hours:

Monday to Friday
From 05:00 to 18:00 Los Angeles timezone
From 08:00 to 21:00 New York timezone

⚠️ If you send a question outside of these hours, I will reply the next day at the first time in the morning.
⚠️ For ethical reasons, I do not make medical diagnoses about illness or fertility.

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🔮 Why don’t you find the ideal person?
🔮 Why does professional and financial life go slow?
🔮 Is there a blockage of past lives or hindrances in this life that are hindering the manifestation of your soul’s desires?
🔮 Does it make sense to perform a love or money ritual before removing the blockages that are the root cause of the problem?

🍀 Shamanic soul rescue is a complete X-ray of your soul to find out what aspects of your life are blocked and how to unlock them. This technique combines analysis of Numerology, Dowsing, application of Reiki Inca, alignment of Chakras, and ritualistic use of the 4 Elements of nature (earth, water, air, fire). Everything is done at my place of work and sent remotely to you. Shamanic healing knows no boundaries of time or space.

🍀 I don’t do the same procedure for everyone. Each case must be analyzed in great detail to develop a personalized soul rescue.


  • Initial conversation by text or voice
  • Remote therapy application
  • Final conversation by text or voice

Download a PDF sample of a session!

Price: $60 $20 until 04/30/2021