Shamanic Initiation: Consciousness Expansion

A worldwide learning of Shamanism

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What you’ll learn

  • Toltec Shamanism
  • Inca Shamanism
  • North american natives wisdom
  • 13 Moon Synchronometer & Mayan calendar
  • Elementals & 4 Elements
  • Plants of Power and Healing
  • Animals of power

Many see shamanism as another technique existing within so many other holistic methods, but shamanism is a philosophy and lifestyle with no religious or dogmatic connotations, as it is not mandatory.

The limits of shamanism are set by the practitioner and when the practitioner achieves what he/she was aiming for as the maximum expansion of consciousness, he/she discovers that there is still more to go and expand and that it is an endless path.

That is why it is impossible to reduce shamanism to a course of a few hours or to make an attunement or tune in so that someone magically becomes a shaman master. Shamanism is a path for the rest of life and the purpose of this course is to give an introduction to the basic points, considering various cultures such as the Toltec, the Mayan, and the Inca.

Course requirements

  • It is not a typical new-age course. We consider the new-age as just another religion more in the world, and the focus in our courses is to get freedom from paradigms and religions that limit human powers
  • We recommend to have a little knowledge about chakras, aura and energetic definitions
  • Have an open mind, we talk about conspiracy theories
  • The tutor is not native english speaker, we appreciate your patience

In shamanism we see negative and positive forces as a worldview similar to ancient Chinese Tao, in which Tao says that yin and yang are two energies that complement each other, they are not antagonistic like our current concept of duality: good and bad.

Yin and yang are part of Wu Wei which means emptiness.

The focus in this course is the application of shamanism for therapy and self-healing, as well as for self-realization.

One of the foundations of shamanism is the access to other realities of consciousness, which are interdimensional planes that, as its name indicates, are other realities.

It is not a fanciful thing and it is not something created out of our head, it is realities. It is as quantum physics even indicates: other space-time dimensions.

But when consciousness is able to move to these dimensional planes, we access these other realities. When someone opens up to that other reality, that person has total access to that dimension and ends up experiencing the reality of that dimension and, at the same time, for that person who is experiencing this expansion of consciousness at that moment, our typical third dimension of this earth becomes a fantasy.


So the perception of what is real and what is a fantasy will depend a lot on the dimension you are in.

The Matrix theory, that holographic dimension. If you have watched the movie Matrix you will understand that this third plan is still a holographic simulation and when you open up and expand your consciousness to other realities you will realize that our third dimension is a fantasy.

So for example, for a person who vibrates in the third dimension, other realities are fantasies and only the third is reality. A person who vibrates in the fifth dimension understands that our third reality is a fantasy and its dimension is a reality. So, the concept of what is real or fantasy is very relative and will depend a lot on your expansion of consciousness, so in the previous example, it does not mean that the two people are wrong, in fact, both people are right because each one interprets from their level of consciousness.

A parenthesis to clarify that different from New Age religion, the shamanism is an ancestral practice that has not been conditioned by any recent theosophical lines, although many practitioners of neo-shamanism, mix new age with ancient shamanic practices. But one thing has nothing to do with the other. In the new age, our third plan is a plan considered inferior in conscience, and from the fourth plan onwards they are considered superior or ascended, hence the belief of the ascended masters who live in these realities and who will rescue our planet from the filth of our lower realities.

In ancient shamanism, this vision does not happen, because no dimension is better than another, the concepts of what is right or wrong disappear, no creature is better than the other, each one is simply vibrating in the dimension that has to vibrate and this is how creation and the balance of the universe are manifested, through the integration of polarities, just as Taoism teaches.

I hope this content will light your way. May the great Hunab Ku mystery always guide your steps!