Connect with your Stellar ancestors

Training in the Andean Stellar Codes

The Path of the Stellar Warrior

Andean Wisdom and Anthropology

Course contents:

  1. The Chakana, moon cycles, eclipses, solstices and equinoxes
  2. Andean philosophy, runa/haqi, the ayju, Andean multidimensional beings
  3. Extraterrestrials and ancient civilizations
  4. Connection meditation
  5. Astral travel
  6. Apometry to places of power
  7. Apometry for therapy
  8. Sacred geometry
  9. 4 elements and elementals
  10. Phytotherapy
  11. Phytoenergy
  12. Animals of power

To obtain the international certificate (150hrs) as a Facilitator of the Andean stellar codes you must have a minimum of 6 months of theoretical studies. Then, you will do a question-and-answer test through Google docs and you will show photos and descriptions of at least 3 therapeutic Apometry practices.

This is a monthly subscription training with new video classes published every month.

$60 $10/monthly

Welcome to the Andean Stellar Codes course!

**Andean Wisdom and Anthropology**

I am Karen Prieto, founder of the International school Alien Meditation, available in 3 different languages. I am also an instructor of holistic therapies and a researcher of Andean cultures.

This is the most complete compendium of my trajectory and research of spirituality and holistic therapies since 2008.

In this course, we study the wisdom of the Andean peoples and how to put it into practice through the energetic technique of Apometry.

The Andean peoples have lived for centuries in harmony with their environment.
They know what it is to be a happy and fulfilled person, because they knew how to overcome the aggressive process of colonization and were able to remain integrated to their roots and cosmovision, being people in integration and complement with the universe.
Our proposal is to study their wisdom in order to also find our roots and be in happiness and fullness.

This course is designed for lovers of the wisdom of the native peoples of the Andes and at the end of the course you will be able to self-balance yourself with the Apometry modality and, if you wish, also apply this balancing technique to other people.

We understand that the Andean practices are ritualistic and often contain elements that are difficult to find on a daily basis, especially if you live in a city, so to make the practices more accessible, we have incorporated the Apometry technique, a simple energy technique and very powerful, so that you practice the Andean wisdom in your day by day.

This practical way of applying Andean studies is unique!

an inca warrior

You will acquire the Certificate of our International School of 150 hours as a Facilitator of the Andean Stellar Codes.

This training is a monthly subscription modality and each month new video classes will be published. In a period of 6 months of studies and practice, you will already be able to understand the bases of Andean wisdom.
Throughout the course, we will be in constant communication by our VIP group of students.

This is the path of the warrior of the stars, of the eternal seeker of the cosmic light, in self-discipline and balanced with the earth.

Unlike the previous contents that I have done, in this course, I avoid using the word “shamanism” because I am not doing a generalized or superficial study of Andean practices (which many consider as shamanic practices), but rather I am delving into Andean practices with Anthropological studies where the term “shamanism” is not part of their culture.

This is the great differential of my course, which is not a general shamanism course, but an in-depth study of Andean wisdom that took me a long time to research and that made me rethink many of my ideas.

This course is based on my book: Andean Stellar Codes, available on Amazon.

this is the ebook of the course

In this course you will learn:

The Chakana, moon cycles, eclipses, solstices and equinoxes
Andean philosophy, runa/haqi, the ayju, Andean multidimensional beings
Extraterrestrials and ancient civilizations
Connection meditation
Astral travel
Apometry to places of power
Apometry for therapy
Sacred geometry
4 elements and elementals
Animals of power

I am waiting for you in this most complete and practical training of Andean wisdom!

$60 $10/monthly

About the international school Alien Meditation and the instructor Karen Prieto

Online school founded in 2019 with registration of legal entities CNPJ 35.596.948/0001-36 based in Brazil.

The school currently has a base of more than 16,500 students around the world and makes its courses available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

the instructor of the school Alien Meditation

Karen Prieto, holistic therapy instructor and Andean culture researcher.
Trained in Reiki Usui I, II and III by the Harmonization Sanctuary, São Paulo, SP. And Auriculopuncture by the Instituto Saúde Integrada Sustentavel.

The other modalities of therapy she learned by researching on her own.
She also completed a Business Immersion at Loyola University in Chicago, IL.

Since she was 17 years old, Karen has had metaphysical experiences with astral travel, and from that point on she began to develop her mediumship.

In 2019 she founded Alien Meditation, an international study portal, available in three languages, for training in holistic therapies, without bureaucracy, with quality studies and fair prices.

Her objective in this portal is to democratize access to training in holistic therapies and that this type of training is no longer accessible only to people with high financial resources.

Her goal now is to continue her research in holistic therapies and her studies on the anthropology of the Andean peoples, to bring much light to the world and rescue the ancient wisdom of the cultures of the Andes.

$60 $10/monthly

How to connect with stellar ancestors?
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How to connect with stellar ancestors?
Tiwanaku, the oldest city on the American continent keeps many secrets to humanity that will be shown to us when we are ready for the next evolutive leap. Our stellar ancestors built the Andean cities and civilizations in great harmony with nature, and our mission is to restore their wisdom and continue their evolutive mission on earth. Here we will rescue all the wisdom that ancient civilizations such as Atlantis and Mu have left to humanity. We will study the philosophy of the Andean natives and we will connect with etheric cities and intraterrestrial and extraterrestrial beings that are located in the Andes mountains to acquire their wisdom, so it can be our guide on earth and our access passport to other dimensions.
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Alien Meditation
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