Courses: Activate your Starseed powers

Congrats! You reached the next level of your spiritual journey!

Now that you have found your stellar origin and you have more clarity about the lightwork on earth, you are ready to empower yourself with training of your spiritual and harmonising abilities.

This knowledge was passed from generation to generation from the ancient starseeds ancestors who helped humanity from the beginning. This knowledge was practiced by many civilizations on earth to restore and keep harmony on earth and it is called as shamanic wisdom:

Get heritage from Andean Starseeds

Exploration of spiritual dimensions have always been the target of shamanic practices, and recently have become target of study for scientists.

The exploration of the subtle energy world is the key to understand our reality beyond physical matter and it can promote harmonising to humanity through the holistic therapies:

Awake your harmonising powers

If you feel the connection with your stellar ancestors and you want to deepen in their wisdom and their power, you have arrived at the last step of your spiritual journey as a lightworker on earth. Explore the lightworking possibilities and empower your spirituality with the Andean ancestors.

About the Alien Meditation International online school

We are an international online school located in Brazil regulated under the CNPJ (National Register of Legal Entities) No.: 35.596.948/0001-36.

We are committed to give the best of us to people through our content and courses.

Courses reviews

“This is really awesome! I have known about the Aliens our star brothers and sisters since I was little. It makes sense with our DNA also. I had an experience and I was awake early. I am a Reiki Master Teacher also. So cool how we are all connected and what a big universe we all live in. Thank you, Karen, for teaching about this. Lots of love and hugs!” – Cheryl Watts. Course: The Alien Codes

“I found this learning very important, thanks! Great content, very well explained and benefiting from more knowledge” – Igenez Junior. Course: Shamanic Initiation

“The Shamanic Inca Reiki online course has profoundly impacted my personal spiritual journey and has expanded my view on shamanism and the loving art of reiki. I honor the teacher for bringing such true knowledge forth to us all. May you continue to reach more hearts. Highly recommended course!” – Victoria Islas – Head of

About the instructor Karen Prieto

“I’m a holistic therapist starting my experience since 2008 when I got a spiritual initiation in Fusagasugá – Colombia, a sacred city of Indians named Sutagaos that means Sons of the Sun (same as the god Viracocha – the Sun god for our Peruvian Inca Indian neighbors).

I have knowledge in Shamanism, Reiki, Phytotherapy, Acupuncture, Astrology, Sacred Geometry, Kabalah, Akashic Records, Numerology, Chromotherapy and Crystals therapies that I use for healing and I share this magical knowledge through a project I have since 2015 called Alien Meditation.

I realized that the ancient gods are the same beings that nowadays we know as aliens. They are our ancestors, and there are positive and negative races to humanity. In my initiation I received the mission to teach my brothers and sisters how to activate their Starseed DNA, through the alien codes that our ancestors gave us, this is the secret for being free from the matrix and get to know our true origin and mission in life.”

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5 Best Courses to Get heritage from Andean Starseeds
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5 Best Courses to Get heritage from Andean Starseeds
5 Best Courses to Get heritage from Andean Starseeds: The alien codes - activate your Starseed DNA Shamanic Initiation Shamanic Inca Reiki The 10 Shamanic totems Ayahuasca guided meditation - free course 4 Best Courses to Awake your harmonising powers: Reiki Usui I, II and Mastery Mystic Egyptian initiation Holistic therapy online consulting room Theoretical Reiki - free course The best Course to Connect with your Stellar ancestors: Andean Stellar Shamanism: Soul rescue, returning to the stars!
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Alien Meditation
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