Are you a starseed?

Welcome to the first step on your spiritual journey!

Planet earth is very young compared to other planets and stars in the universe, but has very complex life forms.

Considering we come from hominids, scientists are trying to discover the missing link of our DNA that promotes our evolution, but they are still not finding it.

We believe the reason why they haven’t discovered the secret of our DNA is because there are components of it that don’t come from this planet.

Ancient civilizations such as the Sumerians, the Mayans and the Incas registered in their records the history of extraterrestrial beings that come from space to help humans to evolve, as well as DNA banks that help ours to mutate to evolve beings.

We consider it has been extraterrestrial intervention since the beginning of humanity and many of us come from other planets in a mission on earth to contribute as lightworkers.

If you always feel you don’t belong to this planet, you don’t follow the crowd and you feel sensitivity to energies and great attraction to the spiritual dimension you may be a starseed.

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Find your Starseed origin

The extraterrestrial beings that intervened for the evolution of humanity are our ancestors. They are the so-called founders of big civilizations and cultures, and they left us their knowledge, so we can continue life evolution following their teachings.

Do you want to remember those teachings and recover the wisdom to give continuity to the lightworking mission? Please follow our articles where we teach you more.

Resume lightwork from Starseed ancestors

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Awake your Starseed abilities!

Why Starseeds are incarnated on this planet?

In Australia, in the year 1954 the astronomer Joseph Pawsey, found an intense point-source near the center of this belt Sagittarius A, and realized that it was located at the very center of our Galaxy. But Mayan astrologers knew about it 4,000 years ago.

The Pleiadian navigators better known as Mayans said that since the year 2012 a new time starts for humanity, where we will receive the direct emanations from the center of the galaxy, a big black hole that is marking the rhythm of the whole galaxy. These direct emanations will last for 1000 years.

The changes will be strong and the earth needs to be prepare. Our 12 DNA strands need to be activated. That 97% of DNA that scientists consider as junk, is the one that is getting active in the Starseeds to evolute their consciousness and help to build a new planet as healing agents, that is why we have more and more incarnated Starseeds on the planet. 

The hidden Power of our DNA!

In the eyes of the microscope, scientists discovered that there is a part of the DNA that is not visible.

Barely 3% is visible and is possible to be explored through science.

But 97% scientists classify it as junk or random material, which is the part of the non-visible DNA.

However, from the energetic eyes we perceive what this invisible part of DNA is and how to work it.

In this invisible DNA there is a lot of information that is part of our unconscious, of our ancestral memory and that has all the information of our experiences, our lives, our cycles, our egos, the fractals that are in other dimensions and everything we can experience as beings with soul.


All these realities are connected in our DNA, which is our memory, which life after life we drag and which is recorded in the DNA.

There is also the memory of our family, which is what we incorporate into our lives.

What for scientists is random DNA, we sensitive people call it starseed DNA, that 97% invisible to the eyes of skeptics, but we can know what it is.

It is the genetic material that keeps all the secrets of our true origin, of how to activate all our powers to have fullness in all aspects of our life, and of how to free ourselves from the matrix, of this flock of meek sheep that are walking to the slaughterhouse.

The 12 DNA strands are related to the 12 chakras in our body. By activating those chakras we can also activate our Starseed DNA.

The Four Phases of Starseed Awakening

When it comes to awake the starseed abilities, as is the case with most spiritual experiences, it is almost impossible to describe fully in words what this means. Because spiritual experiences are, according to their own nature, not logical, or confined by the limitations of language.

Much of what happens when you awake your starseed abilities cannot be seen, or accurately described, but can only be felt, lived through, witnessed and experienced.

So, what does it mean to have a Starseed Awakening?

Some describe awakening as the moment when you open your heart to the universe and allow a new level of light to enter and begin to see and experience a deeper understanding of what life really is.

Others would say that it is the moment when you disconnect from your stories, overcome the conditioning and limiting beliefs, allowing you to start experiencing the answer to your question:

“Who am I?”

No matter what words are used, starseed awakening is a moment of transcendence and, with awareness, this moment can extend, affecting all areas of your life.

The awakening changes the way you move through the world, and allows a sense of inner peace and tranquility to govern your actions and reactions.

These are the 4 stages of the Starseed Awakening:

First Stage: The Awakening Call

The call for the awakening comes in many forms. The most commonly understood is the experience of loss, crisis, or some tragedy. Whether it is death, financial difficulties, an accident or injury, a divorce, a natural disaster, or health problems, this wake-up call is always unexpected.

Faced with the crisis, you can stop acting normally and enter survival mode, often unable to think of anything other than the crisis. You are unable to absorb what is happening and feel intensely challenged. This type of wake-up call is often called “the dark night of the soul”.


The wake-up call can also be a prolonged period of frustration with life.


It is an ineffable feeling that something is missing. Something important.

The call can also be a moment of recognition or remembrance. Things become clearer and start to flow more easily and we acquire a sense of purpose. This can come from a conversation, a book, a spiritual practice or a surprise event.


However, the wake-up call catches up with you, and it pushes you into a phase of learning, searching and discovering. When this happens, you suddenly need to know, understand and experience more than you started to tune in.


You want to read, talk about it and feel it more deeply. The more time passes, the more urgent your need to understand and integrate what is happening.

Second Stage: Creation

Eventually, through your search for more information and more experience, you may reach a point where you understand that the full extent of what you are looking for cannot be found in books or even through spiritual masters. 

You realize that what you are looking for and longing for is something that you can only find within.

If you are recovering from a crisis or a loss, you begin to feel that, just maybe, there was a gift there for you. You begin to see comfort in this situation and understand that your dark night of the soul was a kind of gift, trying to propel you to something higher.

This gift, in the first place, manifests itself as the ability to see the beauty and grace of the universe that are revealed in your life. Often, you have to look back at something and see how it helped us, but at the stage of creation you are merging more and more with the flow and the ability to see perfection in all things. Your need to label things right and wrong, good and bad, lessens.

It is now that you begin to experience presence and synchronicity more. It is not that the suffering ends. You can still go crazy when your kids leave a mess in the kitchen or you may feel impatient in the supermarket line, but you are also learning to stop identifying with these feelings, to switch back to the observer’s perspective and to remain in your center, confident that everything is unfolding as it should.

Third Stage: Connection

Returning more and more to the presence, you begin to experience who and what your thoughts were. This is a time of duality and unity. You can see that your thoughts and feelings come and go, your reactions come and go, but something essential is always there.

You can identify with your thoughts and feelings. You can step back and see that you are not really what you are thinking and feeling. You are eternal. You are always there, you don’t come and go. You are firmly anchored in your connection with your Higher Self, with the realms of the Spirit and with the universe.

Things stop becoming obstacles and start to become simple events that reach your field of consciousness, and then leave. Instead of becoming immersed in challenging emotions and experiences, you are able to simply observe these as appearances in your inner world, or in the outer world around you.

It is not a robotic state. Thought and feeling continue. You love, you laugh, you roll your eyes, but you know it is more than all these things. You identify more with your Higher Self. In such a state, you become calmer, happier and more centered.

Fourth Stage: Integrating Your Truth

At this stage, the experience of who you really are is more stabilized and constant. You identify yourself less and less as a person with problems to solve, and more as a spiritual being experiencing problems – which are not really problems, but just something that is happening.

This is a moment of great joy because you are very connected with the universe. It is clear that you are One with everyone and everything, deeply connected and intertwined with all life.

At this stage, the people in your life can begin to notice the vibration and peace on your face. You are still the same person you were before, but you are also someone entirely new, because your understanding is much greater.

You have finally learned to reside in your heart, rather than in your head.

Are you a starseed?
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Are you a starseed?
Are you drawn to the mysteries of the universe? Do you often feel a deep longing for something beyond this earthly realm? You might be a starseed. Starseeds are individuals who believe they have origins in other star systems and have incarnated on Earth with a special purpose. Explore your cosmic connection and delve into the realms of spirituality and self-discovery. Embrace your unique qualities, spiritual gifts, and psychic abilities. Remember, identifying as a starseed is a personal journey that can lead to profound insights and a deeper understanding of your place in the universe.
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