Achieving fullness with the Starseed spiritual cleansing

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According to the Lakota native American people, we are constituted, in addition to the physical body, by different layers of energy (aura) that are the whole of our being.

When we go through traumatic processes, our energetic layers are disintegrating, so the Lakota consider that the soul is fragmenting or losing.

This trauma-derived fragmentation comes not only from this life, but from many past lives and that is why we cannot be full beings, connected to the creative source of the universe and therefore, we have difficulty in materializing our dreams and desires.

Because we are not full and conscious beings, we make wrong choices in life and this only brings us frustration and leaves us farther and farther from achieving a happy life, where we love and are loved, we have prosperity and radiate peace and joy.

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For example, if a person suffers from material deprivation and is not able to prosper, it may be that in a past life, that person went through a very traumatic experience of poverty that caused that person to fragment a part of his-her aura.

In this case, no matter how much the person performs rituals for prosperity in this life, he-she won’t achieve anything if the person doesn’t rescue that part of the aura that was lost with the trauma of the past life. The same example happens in love life.

The Starseed spiritual cleansing process consists of defragmenting or recovering each and every one of the energy layers (aura) that were lost, in order to be able to be again a complete set, and consequently, connected to the primary source of all manifestation to achieve everything we want in life.

Starting from the original method of Starseed spiritual cleansing, I have been enriching this method with other holistic techniques that are tools for harmonizing and healing.

Every person is unique and every Starseed spiritual cleansing is unique.

If, for example, you want to reach fullness in love life and find your loved one, in the Starseed spiritual cleansing method we will first identify the real reason that is preventing the patient from reaching fullness in love.

Once the root and origin of the blockage is identified, the best treatment to eliminate this blockage starts to be identified.

The treatments are varied, as each case is different, and can range from phytoenergy (magic energy from plants), numerology (personal numbers of the patient that give direction in life), to more complex energy healing processes such as Apometry intervention (energy work performed in an astral hospital).

Once the root cause is treated, the patient is unlocked and ready for the desired ritual (attract love, prosperity, money, etc.)

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In short, in a Starseed spiritual cleansing, the procedure is:

1 – Identification of the root cause of the patient’s blockage (whether in love, money or any other aspect of life)

2 – Identification of the origin of the blockage cause (emotional, mental, past lives, gestation)

3 – Identification of the best treatment to eliminate the blockage

4 – Carrying out the desired ritual (strengthening a love, willpower, money, flame of passion, material and professional fulfillment, finding love)

5 – The patient receives the photo with all the ritual elements used in the session, and the patient will not have to go looking for ingredients to do the ritual alone.

This method performs healing and harmonization on an energetic and spiritual level, but if the cause is in the patient’s physical body, I always recommend the patient to seek a doctor and follow the treatment indicated by the doctor.

Let’s start your journey of healing and wholeness?

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Achieving fullness with the Starseed spiritual cleansing
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Achieving fullness with the Starseed spiritual cleansing
Achieving fullness in life can be accomplished through spiritual cleansing. Clear your energy field through our cleansing session, releasing negativity. Let go of limiting beliefs and toxic situations. Connect with your inner essence and higher guidance. Embrace self-care and nurture your body, mind, and spirit. Cultivate gratitude, forgiveness, and love. Invite positive energy into your life by energizing your aura. By engaging in spiritual cleansing, you can create space for growth, healing, and a deep sense of fulfillment on your life journey.
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