5 traits about Orion Starseeds

Positive and negative races originating from Orion currently live on Earth. The Orion Constellation is fascinating and dominates our skies, often attracting our eyes as we look at the Orion figure. Orion humanoids and also the ancient reptilian races exist there.

Most star seeds, including Pleiadian, Andromedan, etc., have spent a few lives in the Orion constellation, but those who lived there longer have the Orion traits and characteristics discussed below.

Orion Starseeds Features:

We begin by discussing the human type Orions, those who traveled and settled in this constellation, where humanity originated.

Mentally polarized

These star seeds are characterized by being in their mind most, if not all the time, as they are extremely mentally polarized. They see the world through the middle of the mind rather than emotions, and they need to see evidence of something before they can believe it.

Perhaps what Orion people have not realized in their spiritual pursuit is that the proof often comes from the heart, the nature of their feelings. Orion’s people are quite adept at logical reasoning with the mind. We know they may not be soft-hearted creatures, but they have a fully functioning heart and work perfectly well to provide intuitive information about your Higher Self.

Knowledge is the comfort zone

Orion people like knowledge, hide it, and in many ways trust it, loving the comfort it provides. They need to prove what they are talking about. They want to win their conversations by impressing others and influencing them in their own way. They enjoy learning, for fun, and they like to know things, all sorts of things. Their interests are deep.

Sometimes people from Orion ask why others do not share this thirst for knowledge, for surely knowledge is everything for them. There are all kinds of paths that lead to enlightenment, knowledge is one of those paths, but there are others as well.

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Often thorny in relationships

Orion people see “emotions” as a dirty word, or a weakness, or a trap. Admittedly, they love balance, and emotions often upset or unbalance others, which is sometimes too true. Human beings are emotional beings and Orion’s people a little mental and not too emotional.
One clue to emotions is that people follow their ‘attachments’, so that whenever someone gets emotional they simply points to what is attached. When it seems that someone may lose this attachment, they react emotionally; helps you leave it (the attachment) in many ways.
The people of Orion are curious, with a burning need to understand what is around them, and they ask many questions. They just want to learn more, investigate or delve deeper.

Sensitive, Needing time alone

Orion people also need their time alone to recharge their energy. It also means that they are also sensitive. They need time alone. Unfortunately for the people of Orion, there is not much order in this world, which is full of silly things, so they need some time to recover and regain their strength. Orion people don’t like to go out in big crowds or socialize too much.

Their human side

Orion people also have a great sense of humor so as not to get completely stuck in the head. They are so alive, so typically human when they are being funny and making the crowd laugh. They are smart and good at making jokes. The world is a funny place and they know it.

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The 5 characteristics of Orions
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The 5 characteristics of Orions
Mentally polarized Knowledge is the comfort zone Often thorny in relationships Sensitive, Needing time alone They have also a funny human side
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  1. Dani

    So, Am I from Orion?!
    I doubt , I am too emotional and worried too much about people and very sensitive concerning to feelings.

  2. Sarah

    Oh I’m definitely from Orion, known that for a few years now. Have the constellation and Orions gate tattooed on my shoulder ??✨ Xx

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