The 7th Dimensional Secret Chakras

In many places we can see the map of the main chakras, with their corresponding colors: root chakra (red), navel chakra (orange), solar plexus chakra (yellow), heart chakra (green), throat chakra (blue), third eye chakra (violet), crown chakra (purple).
These colors correspond to the 3rd and 4th dimension of consciousness, but when we do an intense work with our chakras, and perform the quantum leap to more transcended dimensions, the colors of each chakra change.

Here is a graph about the 7th dimension rays that correspond to each chakra transcended to this dimension of consciousness:

  1. Foot chakras – Aquamarine, transcendence, numerology 1
  2. Knee chakras – Silver pink, superior potential, numerology 2
  3. Root chakra – Magenta Rose, the actions that were once moved by the survival instinct, are now moved by love, numerology 3
  4. Navel chakra – Green, self healing, numerology 4
  5. Solar plexus chakra – Golden yellow, wisdom, numerology 5
  6. Middle heart chakra – Silver white, generous love (no dependencies), numerology 6
  7. Upper heart chakra – Solar gold, spirit-matter connection, numerology 7
  8. Throat chakra – Sapphire blue, truth, power and will, numerology 8
  9. Nape chakra – Golden emerald, solar consciousness, numerology 9
  10. Third eye chakra – Ruby gold, spirituality, prosperity, numerology 10
  11. Crown chakra – Violet, transmutation, alchemy, numerology 11
  12. Causal chakra – Silver peach, divinity, duality integration, numerology 33

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