An Alien hybrid race called Humans


There are several theories about the origin of the human race.
The most famous theories of our origin are Darwin’s evolutionists and the creationists of the bible.

But there are theories even older than the Bible itself, and one of these are those of the Sumerian tablets, with an age of 6,000 years.

On these tablets there is a creationist story similar to that of the Bible.
Many anthropologists understand that the Bible accounts were just a copy of these Sumerian tablets.

The Sumerian civilization was the founder of the celestial sciences, and astrology. They knew the whole map of the solar system very well, they had a fairly advanced knowledge for that time, understanding that they did not have any type of telescope or advanced tool to explore the universe the way they did.

There is an archaeologist of Russian origin, Zecharia Sitchin, and it was this man who translated the Sumerian tablets. A total of 445,000 tablets were discovered.

to show how reptilians looks like

The Annunaki laboratory & the human DNA experiments

The Sumerian tablets talk about a mythology of an alien race on earth. This breed is the Anunnaki, from the words Anu: heaven, Na: down, Ki: earth.

According to Sitchin’s translation, these beings came from a planet called nibiru, and came to the earth in search of gold, because the planet nibiru had collapsed due to environmental wear, nuclear wars, etc.

Their atmosphere was already quite worn and it was an atmosphere with a series of special components that would only be achieved through monatomic gold, therefore they came to explore all that gold that existed on the planet, to take to the planet nibiru and restore that atmosphere.

According to Sitchin, this monoatomic gold was also used to prolong the life of these beings, through the restoration of the cells of their bodies, the oxidation activity of the cells was impeded and therefore they managed to live a long time.

In this worldview there is talk of anu, the great patriarch of this civilization, and his two children: enlil and enki. These two brothers were children of different mothers and had clashes seeking father’s approval.

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Enki was known as a geneticist scientist, and he was the first one sent to the land to operate the gold mining mines. As he was the first royal member sent to the earth, he was considered the lord of the earth.

After a series of failures in that gold extraction, trying first with underground extraction and then making some bases in Africa to extract without much success, his brother enlil was called to make an intervention to help, but enlil instead of being a scientist he was a military mind

According to the Sumerian tablets, the Anunnaki were accentuated in the Middle East, just between the Tigris River and Euphrates, and they made communication bases between the Earth and the planet Nibiru.

The beings that operated the mining bases, the igigi, were the working race, which would later be revealed to the Anu government.
Enlil the military, would have to capture them and confront them. Later those igigis would be known as the famous fallen angels.

The igigis demanded the closure of the mines, due to the bad working conditions, then anu called a council to reach an agreement, and enki, the great geneticist offered to create a new being that could be used as a slave for extraction of gold.

Then he had the idea of ​​crossing an hominid with Anunnaki’s DNA, and after many failed experiments, enki finally creates an almost perfect being called adapa. In the end, enki ends up creating a love for this being and his descendants.

The rivalry between enki and enlil was growing, and they reached a point where they had to separate, each one of them created their own kingdom and their own civilizations, one wanting to destroy the other, and some people hating each other.

Then they reached a point where they even used nuclear weapons. This armament was used in the Middle East, and scientists discovered that so far we have indications of a nuclear activity in this area and in the Dead Sea.

There are references in the Sumerian tablets of beings allied to the human race, as is the case of the igigi, that would be precisely the beings that were revealed to the government of anu, and that from the beginning of history want to help us.

The DNA Myth according to Peruvian Qero Indians

to exemplify how is the andean culture

There is another worldview, that of the Qeros Indians, who live in the Peruvian Andes. Their theories are similar to those of the Sumerian tablets.
Understanding that in a matter of space and time there is much difference between the Sumerian tablets and the Qero Indians, there is a very large coincidence.

At the beginning of time according to the Qero, there were beings called chulpas, who were an androgynous race, in this way there was no duality in their reality, as they were not divided between male and female. They were the first advanced race to accentuate on the planet and live in perfect harmony with the earth.

Then came some space astronauts called the viracochas.
This breed made an agreement with the chulpas to extract a mineral from the earth and thus be able to take to their planet of origin.

The viracochas were great geneticists and offered to the chulpas the gender division so that they could experience male-female duality.
The chulpas, full of great curiosity to experience duality, accepted the deal.

When these two races were living together in harmony, a third race arrived on earth, the sajras, which had reptilian faces.

Elongated Skull from ancient alien

This race also arrived on the planet to carry out mineral extraction, but they had a rivalry with the chulpas due to the incompatibility of their personal interests, and a great war developed.

At the time of the war, on the planet there was a very thick layer of hydrosphere, but when it was discovered that the layer of hydrosphere was essential for the subsistence of the chulpas race, since they were intolerant of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, the sajras collapsed the hydrosphere.

Then all the water that was retained in the atmosphere fell to the earth, this would be the historical time known in the bible as the universal flood. In the end, the sajras won the war and the chulpas had to retreat and take refuge in inland cities due to the lack of conditions on the earth’s surface.

After these episodes, the sajras had more autonomy on earth and how, like the viracocha, the sajras were also great geneticists, later they created other laboratory breeds to serve their interests.

Within the created beings, they made genetic experiments until they perfected a race that we would later call humans.
The human race is a mixture of several positive and negative alien races, with a lot of diversity and qualities of all these ancestors.

This new race, humans, evolved rapidly and gained great knowledge and technology, so they wanted to become independent and wanted to expel sajras and viracochas, to have control of the planet.

In view of these great events, global warfare and the emergence of a much more powerful specie, all races present on earth, joined in a council to decide on the future of the earth.

In this council, the sajras were found responsible for having collapsed the earth and for having intervened genetically creating a very threatening race for the balance of the planet, and they are captured in intra-earth cities.

the inca wisdom

About the human race, due to being a product of positive and negative races, some were destructive and others were benefactors, then their DNA was deactivated and only the chains of DNA from hominids were subtracted to go through a test time during which we would not remember anything.

This test time was done to demonstrate to the planetary council that we are beings with consciousness, benefactor beings and that we deserve to continue existing as specie and restore our starseed DNA.
During this trial period they left us free will.
Some negative races that subtracted from the earth and that nowadays operate from mental dimensions, take advantage of our amnesia to implant us with limiting belief systems and to be prisoners in a holographic matrix where we are meek sheep walking towards the slaughterhouse, without questioning anything, blindly accepting all the belief systems that society imposes on us and generating waves of energy and negative feelings that feed these psyches or negative races that operate from the mind.

2 Ancient cultures talking about DNA experiments in the beginning of humanity
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2 Ancient cultures talking about DNA experiments in the beginning of humanity
2 Ancient cultures talking about DNA experiments in the beginning of humanity: The Sumerians and the Incas. Sumerian records: Enki (an alien) had the idea of ​​crossing an hominid with Anunnaki’s DNA, and after many failed experiments, Enki finally creates an almost perfect being called Adapa. But he ends up feeling love for this being and his descendants. Incas records: The sajras (reptilian aliens) had more autonomy on earth and like the viracocha (an alien breed), the sajras were also great geneticists, later they created laboratory breeds to serve their interests. Within the created beings, they made genetic experiments until they perfected a race that we would later call humans.
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