Awake your Starseed Powers

We own connection points in our body that allow us to remember our Starseed memory.

By activating those strategic points in our bodies we will awake the starseed powers.

One of the first activation points is the earth star and the soul star.

The earth star is located below our feet at 15 cm, and represents the connection with the earth.

The star of the earth allows us to integrate in our life, in the present moment, the experiences that we need for our own evolution as earthlings. But it is important to highlight that it has nothing to do with the karma system, of repeated births and deaths that negative beings imposed on us so that we are imprisoned, but it has to do with the awareness that we need to wake up in our life to have empathy with others, know what our mission is and generate balance on earth, a concept similar to what the Mayans call Tzolkin.

The soul star is located above the head at 15 cm, which represents the connection with our soul.

The star of the soul allows us to integrate in our life, in the present moment, our sequence of consciousnesses that inhabit other dimensions.
We are connected to several individuals, originally we were all part of a single consciousness, so they are also known as fractals or quantum doubles.
These individuals can live in other dimensions and we need to be connected with them for the expansion of our own consciousness and consequent bankruptcy of the amnesia to which we were condemned.

These two points are known as the two stars, because when they are visualized, they look like tetrahedral stars within a sphere.

The 12 Starseed activation points

In short, our energy system that is in connection with our Starseed DNA consists of:

  • Earth star
  • Foot chakras
  • Knee Chakras
  • Root chakra
  • Navel Chakra
  • Solar plexus chakra
  • Middle heart chakra
  • Upper heart chakra
  • Throat chakra
  • Nape chakra
  • Third eye chakra
  • Crown chakra
  • Causal chakra
  • Soul star

Representing 12 chakras and 2 anchors – 12 strands of DNA and 2 helices.

Before the activation of the starseed DNA, it is necessary to know how our DNA is in our body, what are its current characteristics, to know what we already have active and what we still have to activate.

To know how our DNA is, we must do a check on our chakras. Since we cannot measure directly from DNA, we will have to do it indirectly.

The check can be done after 12 years of age, since it is from that age that you can see the information brought from other experiences, without being affected by new information, because the energy is still very raw.

Before this age it is not appropriate, as the chakra system is not well developed.
If we have never done the check and we are adults, we must be more judicious with our analysis, so as not to consider subsequent energies that have joined our energy field, that they distort our check and that we obtain a myopic analysis: initiations in religions, votes of silence, poverty or chastity, etc.

In addition to this, it is also important to know each chakra’s frequency, what vibrational level it has.

It is not the same that a chakra is with low energy to be with a low vibration. A chakra can have enough energy but low vibration.
You should also analyze the whole general map of chakras to know how the situation of the person is.

As this check is very complex and requires a lot of practice to get to have the necessary sensitivity, we can make a simpler analysis but it requires a lot of honesty on our part so that the voice of our ego does not distort anything.

This analysis is based on knowing all our points to improve in our personality and knowing which chakra each point to improve corresponds to, because that way we will know which chakras we have in disharmony, which implies an activation of a strand of DNA when we can balance this chakra.

How do I know if my starseed points are deactivated?

Here we mention the chakras that may be in imbalance with a brief list of the disharmonies that cause these imbalances.
In this way, we will know what point is necessary to work and activate:

Foot chakras

Resistance to changes or total detachment from the things you have.
Physical symptoms arise when energy imbalances are already advanced.

Bunions: hard and painful mass in the big toe joint.
Corns and hardness: thickening of the skin due to friction or pressure.
Plantar warts: warts on the sole of the foot.
Fall of the arch: also known as flatfoot.

Knee chakras

You feel intimidated, oppressed, bent, or seek to bend or intimidate others.
Physical symptoms arise when energy imbalances are already advanced.

Arthritis: which includes rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, lupus and gout.
Baker’s cyst: a swelling full of fluid located behind the knee.
Cancers that can spread to the bones or start in them.
Osgood-Schlatter disease: painful swelling of the bump on the upper part of the tibia, just below the knee.
Infection in the bones of the knee.
Infection in the knee joint.

Root chakra

Difficulty in dealing with material matters (money, work, etc.), fails to make decisions and have a position on life, lives in the world of the moon and feels lacking in spirit to deal with commitments. Laziness, lack of goals, depression, attachment, accumulation of old things.

Physical symptoms arise when energy imbalances are already advanced.

Problems in the adrenal glands, anus, rectum, pelvic tissues, bones, bone marrow, excretion problems.

Navel chakra

Lack of pleasure in living, sadness, apathy, loss of libido, impotence, dissatisfaction, vice in sex, loss of personal care, disharmony with the relationship with the earth, with the family, with people in general and with ourselves. Save emotions lived in previous relationships.

Physical symptoms arise when energy imbalances are already advanced.

Problems in the gonads, in the prostate, uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, genital organs, bladder, intestine, colon, appendicitis, reproductive problems.

Solar plexus chakra

Dense emotions such as anger, hurt of what others have done to us, fear, sadness, anguish, resentment, anxiety. Lack of personal power, does not know how to impose limits and say no, irritation, sadness of living, nervousness.

Physical symptoms arise when energy imbalances are already advanced.

Problems in the Pancreas, in the stomach, liver, gallbladder, kidneys, digestion problems. Gastritis, acidity, digestive problems.

Middle heart chakra

Depression, anguish, irritation, bitterness, sadness, resentment, difficulty forgiving, chest stitches, excess materialism and attachment. Relationship imbalance: father-mother, husband-wife.

Physical symptoms arise when energy imbalances are already advanced.
Problems in the thymus gland, in the heart, lung, bronchi and skin. Circulation problems, heart attack, tachycardia, breast cancer.

Upper heart chakra

Lack of sincerity, deceit, lies, being in the place of the victim or the executioner, lack of love for what is done in life, lack of compassion, arrogance, pride. lack of spirituality, connection with the divine. Disharmony between emotion and intellect.

As this chakra is the evolution of the middle heart, the physical symptoms are the same.

Throat chakra

Difficulty expressing opinion, difficulty communicating what you really mean, low creativity, excessive verbalization (talk a lot but say nothing), stutter.

Physical symptoms arise when energy imbalances are already advanced.

Problems in the Thyroid gland, in the larynx, tracheas, carotid arteries, breathing problems and low immunity.

Nape chakra

This chakra is the key point for the psychic connection with other dimensions and other entities, it is easily manipulated when there is no correct use of the psychic faculties that we acquire.

It is very common that mediums and channelers of supposed ascended masters, who are actually psyches who manipulate these human being faculties, have implants in this chakra to serve as faithful servants to these entities.

Therefore, many of the mediums and channelers of these beings, are not really free and have to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the supposed teachers of light.

It is a very sensitive point by which we also absorb negative energy, mainly evil eye and envy.

The physical symptoms that may occur are epilepsies, seizures, tremors, partial loss of control over body movement and sleep paralysis.

Third eye chakra

Concern, disorientation, lack of objectives, lack of notion of reality, difficulty concentrating, lack of focus, accelerated thoughts, ideas that accumulate and are not put into practice, disorganization, problems of reasoning.

Physical symptoms arise when energy imbalances are already advanced.

Problems in the pituitary gland, in the hypothalamus, cerebral cortex, ears, eyes, midbrain, nervous system, sinusitis, headache, migraines.

Crown chakra

Phobias, lack of faith, suicidal tendencies, neurosis, hysteria, panic, inner emptiness, lack of peace, religious fanaticism.

Physical symptoms arise when energy imbalances are already advanced.

Problems in the Pineal gland, in the central nervous system. Neurological problems, insomnia.

Causal chakra

Fragmented and extremely dual perception of things: saint or sinner, extreme right or extreme left, extreme debauchery or excessive rules, difficulty finding the middle ground in everything.
Through this chakra, we can connect with our soul, as long as the perception of the matrix’s duality is nullified.

The work with the chakras is gradual, working each chakra to chakra, which requires time and commitment.
The energy centers are nothing more than reflections of the information we bring in our DNA, that is why although we can align the chakras externally through a 2-hour therapy, if we do not make the internal changes corresponding to the energy centers that we have altered, it will not help and then the centers will be relocated again.
We must perform meditations for each and every one of the chakras, in this way, we can enter into connection with the information that each chakra has incorporated.
It is possible to receive this information directly or unconsciously, and that later can be translated into more direct messages, the important thing is to maintain a constant practice, to anchor this information.

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