The Negative Alien Races

As we saw in the article An alien hybrid race called Humans, negative alien races, that is, those that are not aligned with our evolutionary process, and want to use us for their own purposes, had to cease with their direct influence on humans and now they are operating from etheric and mental dimensions, for this reason, through their mind they can project themselves to try to continue manipulating us.

As we saw, the composition of our brain is 3 parts.
Reptilian brain: survival
Emotional brain: the ability to feel
Intellectual brain: the ability to process information using logic

Generally, the races we call negative have the reptilian brain and the intellectual brain, but they don’t have the emotional brain.
For this reason they have no empathy with us and use us, just as we use farm animals for their own benefit.

For their reasoning, they are not doing us any harm. But for us, they are being very harmful.

a reptilian annunaki eye

The negative extraterrestrial races were beings that had an evolutionary process very similar to ours: a soul with consciousness, capacity for reproduction, capacity for creation through the mind, etc.

But due to all the damage they caused in the universe, this evolutionary process was blocked and they are now using humans to continue surviving, generating negative energies in humans to feed on them, collectively manipulating the minds of humans through the media to generate paradigms in society that benefit them, creating places of incubation and artificial reproduction using human DNA, etc.

We will know the negative races of the positive ones through their energy.
If after a certain contact with one of these beings, we feel bad, whether physically or emotionally, then this being is not positive, no matter how beautiful it looks.
Developing mediumship helps detect them, as we become sensitive to energy and develop a type of radar that makes us detect them.

Within the negative or predatory races we have the Draconian reptilians, also known as Anunnaki. They have gone to different places, exploiting resources and have been using the local beings of the planets where they go to be able to hybridize, because they cannot reproduce themselves.

These beings have connection with the grays, which were created artificially in the laboratory, to be subordinates of the dracos and to be able to perform their different functions.

The draconians have been the ones who caused the most damage to humanity. A clear example is Yahweh or Anu, the Anunnaki god who repeatedly tried to extinguish the human race.

The most harmful draconians have white skin and are giant, with very thick scales. Some of them have wings, others have a giant crest from head to tail.

But there are different types of dracos that closely resemble their negative behavior.
There are the green-skinned dracos, also the greenish brown ones, the red ones with wings and that are very aggressive, then we have the gargoyle, which Parks calls them as pazuzu and they are what we see in the churches and cathedrals, some have a horn and others have two horns, and have wings with greenish gray tone.

There are also black dracos that have incredible violence and have created reproduction laboratories on earth to replicate through human DNA, these dracos have at their service the Grays, which Parks call them the Miminu and they perform the most unpleasant tasks, abductions and inseminations.

Grays are helpers of other aliens that are similar to them, but are taller and whiter, with big heads and long fingers. These seniors are like scientists and little grays are like helpers.

For them, we are information containers and use human women for insemination. Then come other small aliens that are yellow skinned, with a fish-like face, and are responsible for removing fetuses from human wombs to take them to the laboratory.

There are other types of helpers that instead of being gray, they have black skin and there are also other with blue skin. Those blue are especially seen by children.

All these beings work with a bee mentality, there is a queen bee and the workers. They are all like the workers of a king and work in groups, which makes them dangerous.

There is another race that are larval beings. These are like larvae and are implanted within our body to end up expanding in the energy body of the person and thus be able to feed on the energy.

It should be noted that elemental beings, who represent the power of the 4 elements, are not creations of aliens.
These are beings that were created, while the different dimensions were created, they are part of the second dimension.

But if it is possible that through black magic, thought-elementals can be created for harmful work. Thought-forms are condensations of very intense mental energy, which can take the form of a being, but which has no consciousness.

Predatory races cannot present themselves openly to humanity, since they would drop their mask. The way they present themselves is by manifesting themselves mentally as a beautiful humanoid, as archangels, as spiritual guides, as apparitions of virgins, etc. It is precisely they who have passed us our belief system, especially the religious, so that we worship them with blind faith and always live in fear and guilt for our supposed original sins and our supposed inferiority.

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