The Positive Alien Races

Since we touched on the issue of the origin of humanity in our article An alien hybrid race called Humans and saw that different races of aliens existed on earth (and still exist), we want to mention in detail the different types, starting with the positive ones, that is, those that are aligned with the process of evolution of the human race and want to contribute.

Universal consciousness is pure energy, and energy is constantly expanding. This consciousness was divided into 24 rays. And at the same time, these 24 consciences were divided, until they materialized into primitive races. Then they multiplied and derived until they reached hybrid races.

Since the origin of the human race, the Uranians, hyperborean and namlu, have accompanied us. These races remained on earth until the conclusion of the human race and left for other places.
Some namlu went to intra-earth cities or other dimensions of consciousness.

An important thing is that we cannot relate races to places, for example, to relate the draconians (negative race) to the constellation of draco.

The constellations are very wide spaces, with many solar systems and galaxies. For this reason we cannot create prototypes in our mind and categorize races with places.

Returning to the issue of the constellation draco, there live positive races. Since the Draconians come from the Pleiades of the Mayan system.

The Pleiades is a cluster of stars that belongs to the constellation of Taurus, is composed of 7 suns and not in all these solar systems there are humanoids, for this reason, there are also Pleiadians who are reptilian and draconian.

The universe is giant and has been populated by different races. There are some hybrid races, derived from others, as is the case of humans. Positive races are characterized by helping in the evolution of the planets that are in the process of gestation.

Among the positive races, we also have the Andromedans, the Carians or Sukal as Anton Parks calls them, who have a bird’s head, the Sirians or Abgal as parks calls them.

We see that in many cultures and civilizations, bird-headed or lion-like gods are mentioned, such anthropomorphic gods abound primarily in Egyptian civilization.
The Urma race, for example, are feline warriors and they were responsible for the protection of humans from the threat of our extinction.

These races contributed part of their genetic load to create living beings on this planet, for this reason the animals resemble them and not the other way around.
They have evolved according to the ecosystem where they have had to survive, their physical form is derived from the adaptation of the ecosystem where they live.

When the human race was already formed, many of these races stayed with us, because we ended up interlining a path of evolution, and ended up staying in the intra-earth areas and in etheric dimensions to continue sharing with us this evolutionary path.

Sequencing our list of positive races, we have Orion reptilians (not all reptilians are negative), who were the ones who donated part of their DNA so that the human race could thrive, through the contribution of the reptilian brain.

We have three parts in our brain. The basic one is the reptilian brain, which helps us survive day by day, makes us be on guard, vigilant. Then we have the mammalian brain, the most emotional part, which gives us information of all emotional races and links us to intuitions, perceptions. The third brain is the intellective, which is linked to superior capacities of mental processing.

We also have the Zuma race, coming from the constellations of Vega and Orion. They are anthropomorphic, lion-headed.

In the Syrian constellation the vast majority of the races are amphibious and are benefactors. Its skin is bluish and finer than that of a reptile, to make a parallel, they look like mystique of x-man movie.

It should be noted that many times, our DNA resonates more with a specific race.
There are people on earth, who belong to a specific race, and who are here to help more directly, in the evolution of humanity, even unconsciously.

We are a big family and there is an exchange between us. That is why many of us are part of these races.

A small parenthesis to comment that the white fellowship is not the metaphysical story that the theosophists have told us.

The white fellowship in reality is the fellowship of the snake, and is composed of the first races that came to this planet and were located in intra-earth areas, such as the kingdom of Agartha, with its capital Shamballa.

They were here to carry out the entire evolutionary process of the planet and continue to accompany us. The supposed masters of the white fellowship, in their great majority are mental creations that came to have strength through an egregore (of people’s faith) and ended up materializing as thought forms that give the impression that they are transcended people.

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