Reptilians make Experiments with Humans & put us Implantations

Implants are distorting structures of the body’s energy fields of the human being that the negative alien races use to weaken and manipulate us easily.
So when there is an implant, the whole structure of the person is distorted mentally, emotionally and physically.

To understand the reason why negative alien races do this to us, please read our article: An alien hybrid race called Humans

Most of the implantations are placed before conception, so it is very difficult to recognize them later.

The implants modify and erase the DNA information, reprogramming the electromagnetic fields, blocking certain information brought by the soul, keeping this holographic matrix as real.

The first program that the implants carry is so that we cannot detect them, and thus hinder their removal.

Implants hinder the opening of consciousness, reaffirm the artificial circuit of the wheel of karma so that we believe it is the only evolutionary reality, condition behaviors, alter health, modify ideas, to adopt limiting belief patterns.

There are several types of implants, and for each type, there is a different form of removal.

We have the Bioplasmic type implants, and also the metallic ones, which can become entire networks of chips inside the body, there are the larval implants, and the bionics that run throughout the spine and block the chakras and the kundalini energy.

All these implants are activated and work due to the implant control structure that the human brings in his auric field.

This structure is the control center, and the first thing we must do to remove implants is to remove this implant structure:

As we can see, the implant structure has one type of spheres in the energy field: one in the upper right and the other in the lower left.
Then there is a kind of fabric in our aura connected to these spheres.
The spheres are the centers of implant control, if we remove the implants but do not remove the implant structure, it does not help much.

There are also two vertical and parallel lines of secondary control.
These act as scanners that go down and up, and we must also remove them.

People who are abducted, or channelers, are the ones with the strongest implant structure.
It is precisely because of this structure that we cannot detect implants.

It is also important to mention that the races that are manipulating us with these implants, have some bases on the earth that are the hub of operations.

There are 4 intra-earth zones under the sea on the planet, for the control of all these implant structures.

An area is in the Black Sea in Ukraine. The other is in the Pacific Ocean near Hawaii. The other is in the sea of Japan between the coast and the islands. And the other one in the Ross Sea in Antarctica.

The implants come from other dimensional planes and have been placed in our subtle bodies so that when incarnating and throughout our life, they connect with our etheric double so that they materialize in the body and can fulfill its function of memory control and deprogramming.

To remove the implant structure and implants, we need a special procedure, where we can enter into connection with our energy field and can perform the respective removals.

To help us with the removal of metal implants, there is a crystal called antimonite, also known as stibin. This crystal detects implants, blocks its programming and helps to remove it. But it doesn’t work very well with bioplasmic implants.

For bioplasmic implants, the ideal is to help us with a doubly terminated transparent quartz wand.
As many of these implants are programmed for the person to experience painful karmic experiences, by removing them, the person will not have to go through these experiences: poverty, illness, deceit, accidents, etc.

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