Reptilian traps, Organic portals, Clones & Archons

We can consider this article as a continuity of the article The Negative alien races, however, here we are going to detail, the way in which the psyche operate in the mental planes and we will talk about three types of beings that can be very harmful for us, if we do not take the proper precautions
For this reason, it is important to know what they are about and how we can do to protect ourselves.

To start, let’s talk a little about organic portals.
At present, there are on the planet earth, living among us, beings without soul. These beings are more present in our lives than we can imagine. They are day after day with us, at work, in the family, in the neighborhood. The planet earth abounds with this type of beings.

To give a better explanation about them, we can say that when the monad (the unique consciousness of the universe) began to divide, it was divided into fractals.
Some of these divisions continued to be individuals of a group soul, for example: a school of fish, which is a single soul manifested in several hundred fish.
Therefore, each of these fish does not have an individual soul, but if a collective soul, that is, they are beings without an individual soul, but which manifest themselves individually.

The same happens in the case of organic portals. They are humans who correspond to a collective soul, but who do not have an individual soul.

These people are characterized because they have no capacity to love, nor empathy for others. What they do know very well is to appear to feel.

There are some psyche that take advantage of these organic portals to manipulate them to act as they please. Therefore, these organic portals generate emotions that are not exactly pleasant, that is, they try to manage negative feelings in people: hate, anger, envy, jealousy, etc.

Organic portals have the ability to know what we need, while knowing what our weaknesses are, in this way they always take us to that point. For this reason we should not enter to their game.

The energy that we release in a moment that is not pleasant, the energy that is brewing inside us at that time, the organic portals are unconsciously using it to feed the psyches that are manipulating them, they are like robots.

Organic portals do not have the ability to change, they are very limited. They reach a point but from there they do not pass. They are predictable, they always do the same, for this reason they have no consciousness, they don’t feel they are hurting others. They are the famous sociopaths, psychopaths, narcissists, executioners.
These people are managed only with the 3 lower chakras: root, navel and plexus, because they do not have sufficient evolutionary level to handle the upper chakras.

It is also very common to hear about the Walking. It is assumed that a walking is a being that manifests through a body on earth, using the body of another person.
The soul of that other person is displaced from the body, so that it can then be inhabited by walking.
It should be noted that an organic portal is not the same as walking, since this has always been the case, with a very limited conscience.

Clones are also categorized as soulless beings, but unlike organic portals, they do not correspond to a group soul, they are artificially created in a laboratory.

It is very frequent that there are clones in the subtle dimensions, where that being pretends to be a deceased relative or a being that causes us sympathy, in order to fit into the person’s energy body and suck the energy.
They feed on the energy emanating from the root chakra, so the carrier of a parasitic clone falls ill very easily. The carrier runs out of breath, without vitality, without the strength to live.

On the archons, this word comes from the Greek arcai, which means archaic, primary, elementary, which is in quantum fields in a pre-organic state.
They are parasitic entities, therefore they need a person carrying a soul as a source of food, because in the end, what they seek is to extract the vital energy from the soul.
They have the ability to create thought forms or holograms, for this task, they are very good.

Our root chakra (the survival chakra) when hyperactive, emanates a very intense energy. This chakra can be active and with a low frequency energy (hate, fear, jealousy, resentment) or active and with a high frequency energy (actions moved by love).

As it is a basic earth energy for survival, the archons need this to give continuity to their existence, so they generate negative situations to stimulate all those feelings (hatred, fear, jealousy, resentment) to hyper stimulate the root chakra with energy of Low frequency and thus be able to feed.

Due to their misconduct, the process of evolution of these beings was blocked long time ago, and since then, they roam the universe in interdimensional spaces looking for their place, but they do not fit anywhere.

The reason why they do not fit in any place, is because their existence no longer makes sense, and precisely for this reason, they cannot live by themselves, so they have to parasitize beings with souls.
The soul is the source of existence.

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