Self-defense Against Reptilians

When we begin to wake up, we become the focus of the attention of many negative races, because we are walking in a direction opposite to which they have struggled so much to take us.

They will try to prevent our evolutionary path in different ways, but the main thing is to keep in mind that we are not inferior in strength and power to them and that we should not fear them, because it is through fear that they gain strength.

By activating our DNA we can have enough strength to get rid of negative races.

Here we can list the most important steps to ensure that we will be strong and that we will be protected from any malefic psyche:

  1. Work fear and eliminate duality. Negative aliens take advantage of our dual worldview to manipulate our mind: good – bad, pretty – ugly, angel – demon, we will always be afraid of falling into what we consider bad. It was they who implemented our religious systems.
  2. Work the blame. Through our belief systems, mainly the religious, they have put us in the head that we have an original sin, that we are impure, that we need to follow blind faith, some spiritual guide, because we are not able to fend for ourselves. This greatly weakens our psychic abilities and makes us easy prey.
  3. Focus on our inner guide, work our energy. This implies following our inner guide, and not external guides. Have a good self-knowledge to strengthen our weaknesses. It also implies imposing our limits on others, not letting ourselves be harmed or manipulated by people who always look for us for personal gain and place us down.
  4. Look at our shadow, everything that creates an imbalance. To be honest enough with ourselves, to humbly identify the personal characteristics that we need to improve.
  5. Do cleaning techniques, daily protections. Protective techniques and visualizations are very important, because they strengthen our psyche, just as we frequently work our muscles in the gym to strengthen them, in the same way, we must frequently work on the protection techniques and visualizations to strengthen our psyche.

A very powerful protection technique is to visualize ourselves inside a pyramid of mirrors, with the face of the mirrors outside. This projects all the negative energy out of our aura.

The Gassho meditation that we can easily find on youtube, is also excellent for clearing our mind and purifying negative energies.
The technique of cleaning the spinal cord is very useful.

We can visualize a violet fire to purify the entire energy field, cleaning chakra to chakra, auric layer to auric layer (they are 7 layers in total), and inside the spinal cord introduce that violet flame from head to toe.

To finish this technique, in the seventh layer of the aura we can project flames of this violet fire going outside. This will have the same effect as the mirror pyramid technique, projecting negative energy out of our aura.

5 Steps to protect ourselves from negative aliens
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5 Steps to protect ourselves from negative aliens
5 Steps to protect ourselves from negative aliens: 1 - Work fear and eliminate duality. 2 - Remove the original sin program, that bible imposed to us. 3 - Focus on your inner guide, work your energy. 4 - Look at your shadow, everything that creates an imbalance. 5 - Do cleaning techniques, daily protections
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