Terms & Conditions

Cancellation policy:

The consumer can withdraw from the purchase within 7 days of signing. For this, the consumer must submit a declaration of withdrawal from the purchase using a full and correctly completed form and send it to the email: [email protected]

Informal orders will not be accepted via whatsapp or email, but the consumer must formalize correctly upon declaration.

This website is monitored by the Smartlook system, responsible for capturing users’ screen recording to see their interaction in the courses.
The declaration of withdrawal from the purchase must be in accordance with the reports presented by Smartlook.

Ex .: If in the withdrawal statement the consumer informs that he-she watched only a few videos of the courses and regretted the purchase, but in the Smartook report we identify that the consumer watched a significant portion of the course content, we will reject the statement.

Likewise, for cases where the consumer has requested one or more certificates and after that has given up on the purchase, we will reject the statement, because in theory, the consumer took the course, understood the content and consequently requested the certificate of completion of the course.

For cases of declaration rejection, if the consumer remains interested in giving up the purchase, he / she should opt for judicial guidance.

Due to the risks of plagiarism inherent to infoproducts, if we identify that the consumer who gave up on the purchase is subsequently marketing our content, the same declaration signed by the consumer will be used against him-her through a judicial process.

As infoproducers, we have an obligation to offer quality content and services and to be honest with the product description at the time of sale. At the same time, we value the honesty of consumers. Any and all acts of bad faith will be reported to justice.

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