The Alien Codes

DNA Activation & Egyptian Aliens Connection

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What you’ll learn

  • Chakra Healing
  • Starseed DNA Activation
  • Psychic Skills and Defense
  • Implantation Removal
  • Astral & Mental travel
  • Egyptian Aliens Connection

We will have an immersion about the human race history and we will know when and why was our Starseed DNA deactivated, as well as the technique to activate the Starseed DNA.

We will study the Positive and the Negative alien races and learn how to remove Alien Chips and device implantations from our bodies.

In the advanced stage of this course, we will perform the 12 DNA Strands/Chakras 432hz activation meditations and learn how to connect with the Egyptian alien civilization by astral and mental travel through the 7 Egyptian temples.

Course requirements

  • It is not a typical new-age course. We consider the new-age as just another religion more in the world, and the focus in our courses is to get freedom from paradigms and religions that limit human powers
  • We recommend to have a little knowledge about chakras, aura and energetic definitions
  • Have an open mind, we talk about conspiracy theories
  • The tutor is not native english speaker, we appreciate your patience

Our DNA stores all the information and programming of who we currently are. For the science, 3% of our DNA is known and 97% is a mystery.

When we adopt a spiritual posture and explore that mysterious part of our DNA, we realize that it contains the information and programming of the perfect human being that we were in origin, before humans were “banished from paradise”, and we discovered our potential and the way to wake it up, to become what we aspire in life.

In this course, we find all the most important knowledge and practices for the realization of the activation of our starseed DNA, the DNA of the perfect human being.

With the years of practice in holistic therapies, meditation and spirituality, the author of this course realized that the ancient gods are the same beings that we know today as aliens. They are our ancestors, and there are positive and negative races for humanity.

In her initiation she received the mission of teaching her brothers and sisters how to activate their Starseed DNA, through the alien codes that our ancestors gave us, this is the secret to free ourselves from the matrix and know our true origin and mission of life.

How to activate the DNA?

97% of our DNA is Starseed and it is deactivated due to a process of stagnation of the evolution of the human being.

How can we help awaken the memory that is in the strands of Starseed DNA?

We have points in our energy anatomy that link with our physical anatomy. The secret is in the endocrine glands (7 glands + hypothalamus) that are in tune with our main chakras.

Then there is an energy connection with physical genetics, because it is in the nucleus of the cells where we have the DNA, for this reason, this connection of chakras with glands is key to the activation of starseed DNA.

In addition to the 7 chakras that are in connection with our glands, we have another 5 secondary chakras but they are important, since they also represent strands of the sleeping DNA.

There are also two anchor points in our energy system that represents the two DNA helices. Totaling 12 strands and 2 helices in the DNA, 12 chakras and 2 anchor points.

12 chakras and 2 anchors – 12 DNA strands and 2 helices

  • Earth star
  • Foot chakras
  • Knee Chakras
  • Root chakra
  • Navel Chakra
  • Solar plexus chakra
  • Middle heart chakra
  • Upper heart chakra
  • Throat chakra
  • Nape chakra
  • Third eye chakra
  • Crown chakra
  • Causal chakra
  • Soul star

Each of these energy centers is in tune with a strand of our DNA, and of them there are 7 strands that would have greater connection with our more physical part, which are in connection with the 7 main chakras, that at the same time, they are in connection with the endocrine glands.

Working with our chakras, we can activate our memories, all the information that each energy center or chakra has inside and that goes in direct harmony with a strand of DNA.

alien fellowship

The presence of beings of other races from other places outside the earth is evident. They have been trying to communicate with us for a long time, mainly since the beginning of our nuclear activity, because the technologies that humanity has developed lately are used mainly for military purposes and this represents not only a threat to the balance and life on earth. It also poses a threat to the entire universe.

The human race, composed of a dual nature, has not yet finished manifesting itself as positive or negative for the planet. We have great activists and people who do positive activities and we have other people who do negative things, and we continue to oscillate between that duality. But as of December 21, 2012, we enter a new cycle where, according to the Mayan civilization, humanity will be defined in two types: those who manage to connect with the earth, be positive and harmonize it, and those who will definitely be lost among materialism and superficiality.

This is a stage of purge for the healing of the earth, where only those who are strong in spirit, those who listen to the voice of nature will be the founders of a new humanity that will be bright, free, full of clean technologies, exploring the universe, remembering their origin and in harmonious communion with their star family, in a cosmic communion.

To resonate with this fellowship, we must first do a very intense internal work of transmutation and activation of our Starseed DNA, to remember who we are, understand our place in the world and in the universe, and thus be able to expand our consciousness, connect with this great fellowship and fulfill our role as planetary harmonizers.

How to activate the DNA?
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How to activate the DNA?
We have 7 main chakras related to the 7 endocrine glands and 5 secondary chakras, totalizing 12. Those 12 chakras are related to the 12 DNA strands and by activating these energetic points we will activate our DNA
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Alien Meditation
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